goals in life - achieve goals

 Why we don't achieve our goals is a single problem

"If you know where you're going, half of it is already done!" successful people told us, And in some ways they are right, but for some reason everyone has decided that the second half will be as simple as the first, As it is not so.

goals in life - achieve goals

I am sure that if you ever wanted to make a drastic change in your life, your energy was sufficient for a couple of days, less often for weeks or even months, And it's not that you write "Make a million" or "I'll make a million by the end of this year". There may be a difference, but it is minimal, We don't understand our deepest desires.

goals in life - achieve goals

For example, you have set yourself a goal of earning a million by this year, Now ask yourself: "Why would I do that?" Try to answer this question as honestly as possible, Do you want to become financially independent or just don't have enough money for something?

The difference is huge, If your goal isn't so ambitious that it can't get you off the couch, then there's something wrong with your goal.

goals in life - achieve goals

In fact, all our decisions depend on two things: Pleasure and Suffering, This is very easy to understand with an example, Let's say you want to lose weight, You do not want to deprive yourself of fast food, because this pleasure is stronger than suffering from excess weight. 

You can try to give it up, but in the end you will lose, go to KFC or somewhere else, And it's not because you don't have the willpower. Just the pleasure won over the desire to lose weight. What to do?

goals in life - achieve goals

To hate this pleasure
Does that sound weird? And how can this be implemented in practice?

the same example with weight loss, Now, when you come to, say, KFC, you should imagine yourself in 7 years time leading the same lifestyle. You weigh 120 kg and everything is terrible for you, Try to visualize this image as much as possible. 

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And every time you go to eat French fries, imagine yourself in 7 years. Moreover, you can not limit yourself, You can eat like this at least every day, but promise yourself that you will present this image. In the end, you just don't want to go there.

goals in life - achieve goals

You don't have to force yourself not to go to McDonald's, because you just don't want to go there.

It is simply impossible to force yourself not to do something indefinitely, Self-control takes a huge amount of energy, it is easier to "explain" to the brain that this "path" will lead to failure.

This was just an example, I hope you understand the principle.

Bonus: the 10X Rule

You've probably heard of this, a fairly popular method. It works very simply: instead of a million, set a goal of earning 10 million. This will increase your goal's ambition and desire to achieve it.