How to change your life - 3 methods

how to change my life - how to change your life for the better

Hello all, today we will talk about how to change your life, This is an extremely important skill, because our entire life is just a series of decisions we make, on which everything depends.

How to change your life - 3 methods

Descartes Square:

One of the best tools that can be used for making decisions is the Descartes Square.

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Its essence is as follows: If you need to make a decision, take a piece of paper, divide it into 4 parts. Now, in the first cell, write everything that will happen if this happens. Secondly, what happens if it doesn't happen in the third, what not if it happens in the fourth, which I don't if it's not going to happen.

Descartes Square

Now you need to look at everything that is written and try to refute the arguments. Strange, since you just wrote them. The point here is that when we analyze the situation in this way, we often fail to notice that our arguments are weak. This method will allow you to look more objectively at the situation from different angles, see the pros and cons.

The "expand selection" method:

The point is that we often get hung up on "Yes" or "No." You should always consider related options, look at the situation from different sides. For example, you have free money and decided to invest in stocks. Why don't you consider other markets: the commodity market or real estate. The goal will be the same - making a profit.

How to change your life

The "Wait" Method:

This method is suitable for long-term solutions, when you need to get rid of emotions and impulsive desires. To get rid of emotions, you can apply the 10/10/10 rule. Ask yourself the question: How will I feel about this in 10 hours/10 months/10 years? Sometimes you really need to weigh everything up, evaluate it, and understand how it will affect your future life. But it doesn't always happen there.



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The main thing is not to be afraid to make decisions, in any case, even a bad decision will give you experience that you can use in the future and not repeat mistakes.

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