One of the most important factors of success

How often do you hear people saying that you are the middle of your environment? However wrong it may seem to you, it is true. Of course, it's mostly up to you. But you must agree that it is more difficult to exercise when everyone around you is drinking and Smoking.

importance of success

Many people do not like to stand out from the crowd, do not want to be a white crow, and then they are surprised that everything is the same for them as for others. So the environment is very important.

change environment

It is generally assumed that your environment is the people who surround you. Right? But in the 21st century, this is not entirely true. Today, your environment can be books and YouTube channels. 

It is much more difficult to change the real environment and not do it all at once. But with a virtual one, everything is much simpler.

importance of success

Just unsubscribe from anything that doesn't do any good. And find new channels that will help you become better, Read useful practical literature, not obscure and useless books about nothing.

real environment

And what to do with the real environment?

No matter how much they explain to people that they should do useful things, and not some useless nonsense, they will not understand it until someone shows them, Just show them by example what kind of person you can become if you make yourself at least a couple of percent better every day.

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