no one believes you - why is your future doomed?

no one believes in you - why is your future doomed?

In the modern world, this situation is very common, so many people ask this question.

the crab bucket:

The crab bucket theory, formulated by John Rayak, will help us understand this question.

Imagine a bucket of crabs, Each of them is unique with its own desires and orientations. They even have their own world in the form of a bucket, but it's a pity that the cook will soon come to prepare his signature dish: crab cutlets. But in each world there are individuals who do not accept the current way of life and want to go higher.

the crab bucket

They stubbornly climb up the wall, I rest my short legs against it, and it would have been all right, but for some reason other crabs are pressing down on me from below. And if only they were pushing their relatives, then these crabs, on the other hand, cling to the backs of those in front of them and pull them down with them. This fuss continues until the cook arrives.

Does this situation remind you of anything?

Once again, we come to the conclusion that one of the main factors for success is your environment, But still, this is not the only factor of success. The environment certainly affects you. But in General, everything depends only on you.

no one believes you - why is your future doomed?

Pull to the bottom? Go even higher and faster, then they just won't reach you. Use this as motivation. One against the world. Prove that you can.

In words, it sounds simple, and many people seem to understand it, but they remain in this bucket. Even in ancient times, man was accustomed to avoid anything new. This is related to the work of our brain. The more you do this or that action, the stronger the connection of neurons in the brain.

It's like a path. The longer you walk on it, the easier it is to repeat this path later. This can also be applied to global changes in your life. Every time you don't follow your pattern of behavior, but do something that will make you better, you are paving a new path. And the longer you do it, the easier it will be for you.

no one believes you - why is your future doomed?

On average, it takes 66 days to form a new habit. Take it as a challenge. For example, if you run for 66 consecutive days in the morning, then you will do it automatically, without even thinking about why you need all this.

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