pursuit of happiness - pursuit of happiness meaning

Wealth and Success = Happiness? Are you sure of that?

Today, many people believe that wealth and success will bring happiness to their lives. But unfortunately this is not the case. Let's try to understand what really brings happiness to a person's life.

pursuit of happiness - pursuit of happiness meaning

Let's look at those who have already achieved significant results in their activities.

Successful people can be divided into 2 groups: The first is those who were happy even before they achieved success. And the second group of people who thought that happiness was "just around the corner".

But when they were successful, when they got to the "street of happiness" and their traditional dream came true, they found that happiness still eluded them.

They went on chasing him, trying to numb the pain of the hopelessness of existence by drinking, Smoking, and gluttony, until they finally got the oblivion they craved. Neither of them had ever known true happiness.

pursuit of happiness - pursuit of happiness meaning

What we see in the example of these individuals is very familiar to many people:

1) They didn't know what they really wanted out of life, so they just confused themselves with a variety of artificial mood stimulators.

2) they developed not just neural pathways, but a real highway to suffering. Their addiction led them down these roads day after day, even though they had achieved a level of success that they could only dream of once. 

and even though they were surrounded by the love and admiration of millions of fans, they had much more to suffer for. They became something of an expert in getting it done quickly and easily, because they had built a truly major highway to it.

3) They did not know how to achieve a happy state of mind, and had to resort to external circumstances that would help them cope with reality.

pursuit of happiness - pursuit of happiness meaning

4) They didn't know how to focus and reorient their own thoughts, and they let the circumstances control their emotional state instead of taking control of it all.

Based on all this, you need to understand that success and happiness are completely different concepts and you need to pay attention to both things in order to be a complete person.

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