rule to success - lead to success

 rule to success - rule that will lead you to success

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful and others aren't? What is their secret? Why do only a few succeed? At first glance, it might seem that they were just doing what they liked. But this is not quite true.

rule to success - lead to success

Now almost everyone can give you advice: "Just do it, do it, do it until you get results." And this is wrong. If you hit the wall with your head many times, you are unlikely to break it. We need to change our approach. For example, blow up a wall)

The main rule of success: Action Сorrection Perfection

Let's look at the words

Action - The Action

The first thing you should do is start right now to do the things that you've put off so many times. It can be anything, but preferably something global. For example, you may have decided to create A YouTube channel, host it, and reach 1,000,000 subscribers.

Here the main thing is to start. Just record a few videos based on the topic you are targeting. And don't worry about not getting results right away. This is normal. The most interesting part begins next.

rule to success - lead to success


After you start doing something and don't get results, you probably won't give up and don't want to do it. Many quit, many continue to Bang their heads against the wall, and some constantly change their approach.

Let's go back to the example with the YouTube channel. There are a lot of people who started their own channels, but stopped because they didn't see the results. Others did and did the same thing, and eventually gave it up too. And there are those who after performing the action, analyzed the results obtained, and will do even better next time.


Once you understand what you did wrong or what can be improved, you can only apply all that. what you learned in the process of studying this or that question.

You don't have to try to do it perfectly the first time. It's almost impossible. The main thing is to start. And then you will better understand what can be done better.

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