how to stay focused on your goals

how to stay focused on a goal

Dear Reader, if you are currently reading these lines, you desire to learn how to achieve your goals. And to do this, you need to prepare for the fact that you may have to change the usual way of life. It is not just about the daily routine but also about how we think, relate to others, etc.

staying focused on your goals

First, we need to understand what category of people we belong to.

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The first category is people who do not live their own lives, but are focused only on keeping a close eye on others. They collect gossip, actively participate in its embellished broadcast, and get untold pleasure in doing so.

staying focused on your goals
They rejoice in the failures of others and are very upset when someone reaches any heights. This category of people is characterized by envy and constant worry that someone is more successful 

than them. They usually live in constant anxiety.

The second category is changeable people. Sometimes they are capable of compassion, but only for those who are very bad. On the one hand, they are even ready to help, but inside there is a constant fear that their help will go wrong. That they might be deceived.

staying focused on your goals

Even if they help, they do not want those people who have been helped to suddenly break out of a difficult situation. People in this category are easily led to gossip. They can easily cause discontent, for example, throwing up topics about corrupt officials, about the government that leads by the nose, etc.

The third category is people who are busy only with themselves. They are not interested in their surroundings at all. They are generally difficult to surprise with anything, because they are very closed, do not Express any emotions.

staying focused on your goals

Their world is limited by their own existence. It is about such people that they say, " my hut is on the edge, I don't know anything." Of course, social activism, empathy, and help are not their Forte.

The fourth category is people who tend to be creative. They try to see positive qualities in others and are not interested in gossip and squabbles. They will never miss an opportunity to help and will be genuinely happy about the success of others. These people are usually the center of attention and don't pay attention to envious glances because they just don't notice them.

staying focused on your goals

People, of course, are many-sided. And some will probably find traits from all four categories, and some will lean towards only two or even one. It is necessary to understand that in order to achieve the goal, it is necessary to go directly and openly to it, first of all for yourself, avoiding various roundabout paths. 

And only those who have the predominant qualities of people from the fourth category will be able to achieve real success, which will, as they say, be a joy.

Therefore, we must try to work on ourselves in such a way as to eliminate the qualities briefly described in the first three categories from our character. And we will discuss how to do this in subsequent publications.

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