What makes a person happy?

 what makes a person truly happy - what people makes happy?

For some reason, many people today believe that money or other material goods will bring them happiness. But this, alas, is not the case. Let's try to understand what really makes a person happy.

What makes a person happy?

To begin with, I suggest you do a simple experiment. Find a blindfold that you can use to blindfold your eyes so that you can't see anything. Try living like this for a couple of hours. Then remove this bandage.

So, have you any ideas why we did this?

The point is that you need to value what you have.

We are in an eternal pursuit of something: money, people, incomprehensible things. But you just need to realize that happiness is right here, not somewhere out there.

Your happiness comes from within, You don't need anyone or anything to be happy, Don't you believe it? Right now do one more simple thing:

Laugh, right now, for no reason just like that. This may seem very strange to you, but nevertheless, do it.

What makes a person happy?

You will feel better. This is due to the fact that when we laugh or smile (and indeed show any emotion at all), the brain is looking for the cause of your emotions. Usually the opposite, but if there is no reason, then it can work in the opposite direction. If you smile or laugh just for fun, your emotional state will instantly change.

Try to use the rule in your life: smile every day just like that 10 times. I am sure that this will improve your emotional state, and you will become a little happier!

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