How to succeed - how to become success in life

 how to succeed in life

The only thing that stands between you and your goal is the shitty thought of why you can't achieve that goal, which you keep going over in your head.

Jordan Belfort

What is success

Answer this question for yourself!

Success is the ability to go from one setback to another without losing enthusiasm, (Success means being able to endure one defeat after another without losing the will to win.)

Winston Churchill

Success always consists of thousands of failures and hundreds of defeats, none of the success stories were simple. There is no such thing, a person started selling clothes and became known a month later as adidas. There is no singer who sang three songs, and his tracks began to play on the radio.
How to succeed - how to become success in life

An athlete who trains 2 hours a week will never reach the Olympic podium, although he dreams of it, Only one person in ten thousand succeeds, so be that person.

how to become one? how to become a good person?

It seems that this is the formula for success, it is simple and clear. Why does only one person in ten thousand succeed? Everything is simple this person is not LAZY, if you exclude LAZINESS from your life you will become number 1. 

How to succeed - how to become success in life

When the training is over, the person with the goal remains in the gym and makes another approach. While friends hang out at the bar, a person reads books with a purpose. Exactly, one person in ten thousand can exclude 100% from their life, this word, LAZINESS.

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