habits that pull you down

 habits that pull you down

When we finally decide to change something in our lives, we always try to change everything as quickly as possibleو, We immediately schedule the time of physical training, How many pages a day you must read? We set a goal of drinking two liters of water per day.

habits that pull you down

It is good to get used to new habits, but we often forget about the details, namely, those subtle habits that drag us down, They make it difficult for us to build a platform for a new version of a successful person.

The new you

We do not pay much attention to them, but despite their pettiness, it is these habits that slow down the process of your self-development.

keep your promises

We often give our word to others and keep it, But not his own, Every time we promise ourselves that, here's, "I won't eat too much at night anymore" or "I will learn new language every day", then in our thoughts we already achieve the result, Imagine what it looks like.

keep your promises

Due to the fact that we are living in a fantasy, our actions remain at the level of procrastination, We simply begin to convince ourselves that we are moving forward. And at the same moment, we remember that the English notebook has been lying untouched for three days.

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To get rid of this habit, you need to please yourself sometimes. For every fulfilled promise, reward yourself.

wake up alarm

Turning off the alarm and allowing yourself to lie in bed for 15 more "minutes", we lose our first fight of the day, Both 15 and 20 minutes will still not be enough to get enough sleep.

habits that pull you down

And if you do manage to fall asleep, then sleeping until lunch does not energize you. The day begins to go very fast and it seemed that I had just had Breakfast, and it was already late in the afternoon, Morning is the most productive time, Get up early.

hang up on your phone before going to bed

First, the blue glow from the smartphone screen does not allow the body to produce melatonin normally. In other words, the sleep hormone, Maybe the desire to sleep will not disappear, but in the morning, instead of the expected cheerfulness, fatigue will come.

habits that pull you down

Secondly, each of us constantly complains of drowsiness and malaise throughout the day, We are so "stuck" in the news feed that we are already used to feeling bad in the morning. There are very few people who Wake up feeling good.

Over time, another consequence of this habit is forgetfulness, The brain refuses to work, Thoughts are lost in the head, and we seem to be in some kind of prostration.

For a reason, doctors advise you to put away all electronic gadgets a few hours before bedtime, Make a habit of reading a book before going to bed. An alternative replacement, but with more benefits.

blame yourself - for the past

Yes, everyone makes mistakes, Sometimes it becomes difficult not to blame yourself for them. Say, "It could have been very different.", "You shouldn't have done that.", "I should have said it then.", Stop, Go back to the present.

The past is the past. No matter how sad it is, you will not be able to return and correct anything in it, You have it now. Your thoughts today determine your actions tomorrow.

habits that pull you down

When we spend a lot of time on something that isn't there anymore, we don't notice that new opportunities are disappearing. And when we realize that we have missed them again, we blame ourselves for it again.

It turns out to be a vicious circle.

Can you already live in the present?

setting priorities incorrectly

I want to do everything in my life in time.

Live for yourself, Take off from your seat and run towards adventure.

Youth and rebellion, Risk and courage, The sun in my eyes and the wind in my hair.

This is a must - have in your life.

But in moderation.

These moments are beautiful. Only their beauty lies in the fact that they are infrequent.

As well as our daily duties. You can't work all the time. You need to rest yourself.

One cannot do without the other.

habits that pull you down

Don't avoid thinking about the consequences of your choice.

Is it right to load yourself up with things and work now?

Can I put everything aside today and just spend some time with my friends?

Remember your priorities, but don't forget to listen to yourself.

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