how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

how to master your mind - how to be a master

Many highly successful and enlightened people have one common habit: they listen to audio cassettes or CDS in their cars. In doing so, they turn driving time into a kind of lesson, and their cars into mobile universities, By turning your car into a" UNIVERSITY on wheels", you will make the most successful investment in your entire life. 

Now, when you come to work, you will not feel tired, upset and depressed, Listening to a recording of educational programs will turn your trip into a pleasure, give you inspiration, focus your inner strength and attention on the limitless opportunities around you.

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

Stay away from negativity

Make a vow not to read a single negative article, not to watch a single controversial TV program for the next week. This will help you understand two things. First, you will find that you are not completely behind the times. 

You will continue to learn about the most important events from your colleagues, as well as from visiting guests. Secondly, you will become more calm and peaceful, In addition putting yourself on the "weekly information diet" will give you another advantage: you will have more time to truly improve your quality of life.

clear goals - setting clear goals

By setting clear goals for yourself, you gain the basis for making better decisions. When you know exactly where you're going, it's much easier to find a way to get there. By putting your goals on paper, you clarify your own intentions (because before you can imagine your future, you must determine what it will be like). As the novelist Saul bellow said: 

"A clear plan relieves you of the mental anguish associated with the choice."

This idea is very similar to what Glenn bland wrote:

"Goals and plans take our worries out of our lives."

If you set goals for yourself, then all your actions are determined by your life's mission, and not by the will of random impulses of the soul.

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

The second reason is that when you set a goal, you force yourself to be alert for new opportunities. A clear goal mobilizes the mind to find new opportunities for the personal, professional, and spiritual life you want to achieve.

Choosing the goals that will motivate and motivate your actions is one of the best ways to increase your responsibility to life and energize every day you live, Set great goals for yourself. Each of us is just as rich materially or spiritually-as his dream is.

Take the time to learn your habits, and promise yourself to correct some of them. The quality of your life will largely be determined by the nature of your habits.

John Dryden said: 

"First we form our habits, and then our habits shape us."

And Virginia Woolf wrote: 

"The skeleton of habit itself supports the human body."

So make sure that your habits help you move forward, and not slow you down. In the timeless words of Publius Cyrus: 

"The Empire of habit is truly powerful."

Eating irrationally and overeating, we significantly reduce our energy potential, undermine our health, and deprive ourselves of the ability to think clearly. 

If you realize that eating a high-fat meal will lead to a corresponding reduction in your level of motivation and performance, you will be taking the first step toward developing rational eating skills.

One of the best ways I know to improve my performance and improve my mood is to drink a glass of fresh fruit juice every day.

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

In my house, on the kitchen counter, there is an item that I cherish very much and that not only filled my body with full fledged vitamins, but also extended my very life: a juicer. It would be highly sensible of you to buy a juicer and appreciate the life-giving power that is contained in fresh juice, Freshly prepared juice has a wonderful taste.

a walk through the woods - Wander through the forest

You will never regret the time spent alone with nature. There is something special about walking in the woods. Here your step becomes easier, your whole being is filled with a sense of deep peace of mind, and your creative thought opens up like a flower.

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

Away from the noise of the city, you become more aware of what you hold most dear in the world, and you can reflect on important life questions that cannot be answered in the daily turmoil of our lives. you can stand by a small stream and rest on a mossy rock, or I can take a deep breath of the scents that are only familiar to those who enjoy forest walks.

Leave this oasis of nature as a completely new person, become more collected, more energetic, and even more full of life. Many wise folk traditions and customs praise the life-giving power of regular forest walks. This vital procedure invariably and generously brings us the desired results.

All we have to do is borrow skills, habits, and techniques that were once used by other successful people, and connect our own cherished points by copying the actions of those people. By repeating their actions in the same order, you will certainly achieve the same result as they did. 

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

At the same time, your personal mentor will illuminate your path, inspire you in difficult times, and help you significantly reduce the time needed to form your identity.

I am fascinated by the wisdom of an ancient Persian proverb that says: 

"I was crying because I didn't have shoes until I saw a man who didn't have feet."

By exaggerating the significance of our problems, we too easily lose sight of the blessed gifts of life for which we should be grateful. 

By devoting your precious time to service those people who need something more than you, you get a great opportunity to constantly remind yourself that you yourself have many benefits.

Music can have a special effect on a person. It can lift our spirits, make us smile again. It enriches our lives enormously. Take it seriously, and try to listen to the music that inspires you.

disciplined - learning self discipline - the power of self discipline 

Without a disciplined mind, you are bound to fall victim to your own small problems and worries, unable to solve more important tasks. In the absence of deep concentration, the mind is transformed from a man's servant into his master.

meditation - relaxation meditation - calm meditation

My whole life changed the day I learned the art of meditation. Meditation allows you to develop the mind's ability to function in a natural way. The main benefit of meditation is that the peace and contentment that we find during just twenty minutes of practice fills every subsequent minute of a new day.

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

When you remind yourself of death, you realize that time is a priceless gift and that you need to live a rich, meaningful and fulfilled life today.

Stop complaining about not having enough time for yourself. Just get up an hour earlier in the morning. If there is an opportunity, why don't you take it? Do not justify your refusal to exercise by saying that you are too busy.

If you sleep seven hours a day and work eight hours a day, you will still have more than sixty-three hours of free time in your week, which will be enough for all your personal Affairs. In one month, this time will be two hundred and fifty-two hours, and in a year, three thousand and twenty-four. 

There is no time in your life that is more conducive to maintaining your vital tone than this. You have a chance to use the unlimited opportunities that each new day offers you.

If you feel that you are not fully fulfilled in life, not happy enough, well-off and calm, then do not rush to blame your parents, the economy or your boss, and take full responsibility for the current circumstances. This first step will allow you to see your life in a new way and will be the starting point on your way to improving it.

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

So to get more money for your work, you need to bring more value to the world. But to do this, you first need to become a useful person. Learn skills that no one else has. Read the books that no one reads. Put forward ideas that no one else has ever thought of.

A person cannot have everything he wants unless he grows and " expands his territory." To get more out of life, you must become something more yourself.

From time to time, I have met very energetic and successful men and women who carry small cards in their wallets listing their personal goals. They review this list whenever they have a spare moment.

In such a card, a person simply lists their main life goals, indicating the exact time frame for their achievement. In my opinion, this habit of reminding yourself of your priorities-whether personal, professional, or spiritual — is very reasonable.

Montaigne said: 

«Achieving your goal in life is like creating a great and famous masterpiece."

By keeping a list of your goals with you and looking at it three or four times a day, you can focus your attention on what really matters to your life. Then you will develop a habit of self-control that will allow you to focus entirely on the most necessary things, to give up everything that is secondary and, thus, to live meaningfully every day of your life. 

focus on your goals - staying focused on your goals 

I assure you that if you focus on the most important goals, you will undoubtedly feel great joy at the end of your journey.

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

Since you are not your thoughts, it is also impossible to say that you are your mood. You are the Creator of your mood, which means you can change it whenever you want. If you decide to do this, you will be able to remain calm in a stressful situation, find joy in sadness, and remain energetic despite fatigue.

Become so wise that you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The joyous memories they will give you will make your life far more precious than the material trinkets we devote so much effort to chasing.

As Emma Goldman pointed out: 

"I'd rather have roses on the table than diamonds around my neck."

We usually find the same weaknesses in people that we do. Stop blaming and judging. Take full responsibility for what is happening around you, and try to do everything possible to change yourself first of all, and not wait for changes in your environment. This ability is the main characteristic of a person with a strong character.

As Erica Jong said: 

"What happens if we take our lives into our own hands? Something terrible will happen: we will have no one to blame for it."

Every day is valuable in its own way, The past is left behind, and the future is just a figment of the imagination, so today is all you own. So use this day wisely.

life is not a dress rehearsa:

Missed opportunities are rarely repeated. Today, promise yourself that you will love life even more and make more commitments with each passing day. Many people believe that it takes months or even years to change their lives. 

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

With all due respect to them, I can't agree with that Change in your life begins to happen at the very moment when you make a sincere decision to become better and more purposeful in your heart of hearts. 

Months and years are needed to energize this decision with your efforts. The best decision you can make to truly change your life is to live to the fullest every moment of every day.

In the words of Ben Hogan, a Golf legend: 

"While walking on the playing field of life, hurry to enjoy the fragrance of roses, because you have only one game to play."

Blaming the circumstances for everything, claiming that they are the cause of our experiences  is like evading responsibility. When dealing with a problem, you need the courage to take responsibility for the situation and to understand that we can benefit even from failure. The greatest obstacles in a person's life always turn out to be the greatest good for him.

Instead of taking a NAP or daydreaming while driving, as most passengers did, I know a person used to doing exercise in the travel time. From the moment he boarded the train until he arrived at the destination station, he constantly stretched out his arms, made circular movements with his head, and energetically performed a set of other useful exercises. 

Instead of being like most people who complain about not having enough time to recharge, this person took the initiative to take advantage of the opportunity. Perhaps he looked a little ridiculous. But is it worth paying attention to others when you are sure that you are doing the right thing?

Instead of being a passenger in life, become the captain of your ship, steering it on its course and not letting the wayward elements hinder it.

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

Don't read every book to the end, If you feel that after three read chapters you haven't found any valuable information either have little interest in this book, do the sensible thing: put it to devote time to something more useful (for example, reading other books).

Take a vow of silence, Buddhist monks have a favorite technique for strengthening willpower one that has been used for a long time by many civilizations to build a huge potential for inner strength and courage. This is a vow of silence. By remaining silent, even for a short time, a person develops willpower and self-control, because by an effort of will he suppresses the desire to speak.

A lot of people talk a lot more than they need to. Instead of speaking clearly and giving only the most necessary information, we usually can't stop. This habit in itself indicates a lack of discipline. Discipline involves the ability to Express only the most necessary things and save mental energy by refraining from unnecessary words. Thoughtful and clear speech is also a sign of clear thinking and sound mind.

Here is an exercise that you can try today - daily silence for one hour. You must not say a single word during this hour. If circumstances force you to speak, try to limit yourself to a clear and concise answer to the question raised, do not talk about everything in the world, starting with a retelling of yesterday's TV news and ending with a story about where you intend to spend your summer vacation.

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

The vow of silence can be fulfilled while maintaining the politeness and warmth of human relations. The point of silence is to make you stronger and strengthen your will, not to hinder your relationship with others. Within a few days, you will feel that you have become much stronger by learning this technique. Evaluate the results obtained: they will be more eloquent than any words.

Remember: to rest is to recuperate. After a busy day, we often want to settle down more comfortably in front of the TV. But oddly enough, if you do the same thing as most people do, you will soon feel even more tired than before.

Recreation is of great importance for ensuring a balanced and harmonious life. But rest should serve to restore you as a person. Rest should comprehensively restore a person and bring him back to life. True rest fills us with a new charge of optimism and energy. Real rest helps you reconnect with a higher and better spiritual principle, as well as rekindle the fire of your soul.

As Plato said:

"I do not believe that when a person's body is in order, it causes a good state of mind by its own good qualities. In my opinion, on the contrary, a good state of mind with its good qualities determines the best condition of the body, as far as possible."

Thus, effective rest should include such activities that would help to calm the spirit.

Remember: diamonds are formed by constant pressure. This is why it is so important to choose worthy goals for yourself. Let your chosen goals be as difficult as possible, so that you can look directly into your heart and extract from it all the best qualities that will help your development.

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

We tell ourselves that we simply have to spend at least eight full hours under the covers in order to work as hard as we can. We have no idea how it is possible to sleep less, and we shudder at the very thought of it. However, it is not the length of sleep that matters.

The main thing is to have a high-quality and complete sleep. Try to reduce the time of sleep, ensuring that it becomes full and strong. Understand that fatigue is often a product of your mind when you are forced to do things that you don't want to do.

And remember the wise words of Henry Longfellow:

Heroes reached heights,
And it wasn't a random takeoff:
They, while their friends were sleeping,
They worked all night long.

It is important that every day you find time to "break a slice of daily bread with the people you love most, together with whom you strive to build a brighter and fuller life.

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

Don't worry about the details

A famous British statesman Disraeli said: 

«Feed your mind with thoughts of high things, for no one can rise above his own thought."

There is a deep meaning in these words. They clearly convey the wisdom of this person: the reason for your failures in life is not in what you are, but in what you do not imagine yourself to be. What is happening in your soul does not allow you to get what you want. 

As soon as you fully understand this inspiring idea and start freeing your mind from the petty thoughts that are bothering you, you will almost immediately see improvements in your personal life.

At seminars on motivating human activity I tell my students: «If you are not striving for your dream, then you are obstructing it."

So many people live small, petty lives. A great many of us "die" at twenty years of age, even though we are buried at eighty. Remember, nothing can stop a person if they don't want to stop. Most people have not even experienced real failure — they have simply given up fighting. 

And most of the obstacles that prevent you from going to your dream, you yourself have put in your way. So throw off the shackles of "small thoughts" and instead have the courage to dream big and understand that failure is not your lot.

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

As " Seneca said: 

"We are not afraid because it is difficult for us; it is difficult for us precisely because we are afraid."

Giving yourself a little time is not an act of selfishness. By replenishing your internal reserves, you will be able to give more energy to others and take more care of others. By taking the time to take care of your spirit and mind, you will feel balanced, uplifted, and still young.

As L. F. Phelan once said: 

"youth is not a time of life; It is a state of mind. People age only because they give up their ideals and outgrow the feeling of youth. Years crinkle the skin, but the rejection of enthusiasm crinkles the soul… You are as old as there is fear, doubt, and despair in you. To remain young, your faith must be young. Your self-confidence should be young. Your hope must be young."

Take pictures more often. The life of every person is a great value, and therefore, any life is worthy of being recorded.

Take pictures more often. Capture the best moments of your life on film. Collect those photos that make you smile or cry or make you appreciate more the blessed moments that this world gives you. Carry your camera with you in the car, and have two cameras in your Luggage when traveling. You will be surprised by the joy that will come over you when you look at your photo albums many years later.

inspirational quotes - motivational quotes - positive quotes

 Collect all quotes, The value of a great quote is that it contains universal wisdom — that wisdom to which the author has been striving for many years-expressed in just one or two lines.

Over the next few weeks, start building a collection of quotes — those words that you can turn to as soon as you need a new burst of inspiration or advice on how to deal with the unexpected twists and turns that sometimes occur along your life's path.

I have found another useful use for quotations: write them on sheets of paper, which then paste in prominent places, such as on the mirror in your bedroom, on the refrigerator door, on the dashboard of your car, or on the walls of your office. 

how to be a master - How to become the master of your life?

This simple technique will help you a lot — to focus on the most important things when you are busy, to remain optimistic in difficult times and always remember the principles of true success.

My personal computer stores hundreds of quotes from great leaders, thinkers, poets, and philosophers about overcoming life's difficulties, understanding the meaning of life, the importance of self-improvement, the need to help others, the power of human thought, and the need to have a strong character.

Albert Schweitzer said: 

"There is no higher religion than serving humanity. Working for the common good is the highest conviction."

When you have freed your life from chaos, you will understand its true meaning: it is worth living for something more, not just for yourself. Simply put, the purpose of life is to live with a purpose

Since this is our final lesson, I have the honor to wish you a great life filled with wisdom, happiness, and perfection. Let your days be filled with exciting work, inspiring activities and pass in the circle of people who can truly love.

I would like to say goodbye to you in the words of George Bernard Shaw, which better convey the essence of this last lesson than I do:

This is the main joy of life, to give yourself completely to the goal that you recognize as great; to be an element, and not a pathetic, selfish bundle of diseases and mourners complaining that the world does not set itself the task of making you happy.

And don't forget:

"While walking through the game field of life, hurry to enjoy the fragrance of roses, because you have only one game to play"

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