how to be successful - How to be successful every day

 how to become successful - how to get success

Without going into introductions that may extend to you, dear reader, I will now remind you of steps that will eventually lead you to achieve your goal. 

Setting a goal

So, our goal is to achieve success, But this goal is too abstract, so it needs to be made concrete. We ask ourselves the question: in what area of our life do we want to be successful? In work, sports, personal life, Hobbies or all at once, which, of course, will require a lot of effort on our part, but if desired, it is possible.

how to be successful - How to be successful every day

The goal is closely related to motivation: without motivation, it will always be looming somewhere ahead. Motivation is what drives us to move toward a goal. The stronger the motivation, the more likely it is to achieve it. The reason that almost half of the goals that people set for themselves remain unfulfilled is due to a lack of motivation.

For example, we want to lead a Department in a large company, and this is our goal. But we may want to do this until retirement, if we don't start working on ourselves. We may need to get additional education, learn several languages, work on our image, and so on. On the one hand, it will not be easy, but on the other hand, we will overcome the difficulties with motivation, which will spur us on and support the desire to move towards the goal.

Of course, we need to set real goals — those that we can achieve. Goals like "becoming mayor of New York" or "running Deutsche Bank" are fine, but they are unlikely to be achievable even if you have a strong desire. Or maybe we want to lose an extra 20 kg within a month? It is unlikely that we can do this without compromising our health. 

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Failure will reduce our self-esteem, discourage any desire to act, and thus distance us from the goal, while success brings us closer to it.

sub goal - Splitting the goal into sub-goals: building a " goal tree»

So that our goal does not frighten us with its volume, we divide it into several simple sub-goals. We briefly define each one and describe in detail how we intend to go to it, as well as what results and in what time frame we expect to get them. If the sub-goal is too big, we also break it down into several points and describe specific steps to achieve it. 

how to be successful - How to be successful every day

We note that what we have accomplished is a good incentive to continue what we have started. We can and even need to make adjustments to the plans, because we will probably have some refinements in the course of completing tasks.

There is such a thing as a"goal tree". This tree is compiled according to the principle "from General to particular". Overall — its top, there is a global goal, giving an answer to the question: what are we trying what we get as a result of these efforts? Branches are sub-goals or smaller tasks that bring us closer to achieving the main goal. 

They answer questions: under what conditions can we achieve this goal, and what concrete steps should we take? And so on. We divide the goals until we get the simplest possible small tasks, which will eventually allow us to achieve success in implementing a complex goal.

Surround ourselves with like-minded people

Success is achieved with a clear goal, sufficient motivation, and like – minded people-people who strive for the same goal as us, support us when our motivation fades or we lose faith in our abilities and want to get out of the race. In turn, we also provide them with support if they need it.

how to be successful - How to be successful every day

People who don't believe in our capabilities are best avoided. With phrases like "you will not succeed anyway, you will only waste your energy, time and money", they try to reason with us, because, according to them, they want "for the best".

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In fact, they themselves are not averse to getting what we want, but they are simply too lazy, We with our positive attitude and energy instill anxiety in their souls, cause envy, but instead of being infected by our excitement, they prefer to program us to fail, so that we "keep our heads down" and be like everyone else.

Particularly impressionable people, indeed, succumb to decadent moods, lose motivation and abandon their goals.

goal sharing - Share your goal with friends, relatives, or colleagues

If we share our plans with others, we will get additional motivation to achieve the goal, After all, no one wants to be known as a windbag, a windbag or a windbag whose words mean nothing, The fear that we will no longer be taken seriously will drive us when motivation alone is not enough.

how to be successful - How to be successful every day

However, there is an opinion, and quite reasonable, that it is not necessary to tell everyone and everyone about their plans, because in this case they risk remaining plans. After all, the more we talk about them, the less we want to start fulfilling them: our subconscious perceives the voiced goal or desire as already fulfilled.

we do not think about the difficulties that we will face, but About the benefits that we will eventually receive

We describe in detail in our minds or on paper all the advantages that we will get when we reach the goal. They will inspire and motivate us. We answer our own questions: how will our life change — our financial situation, lifestyle, what interesting people will we meet, what new things will we learn, where will we visit, how will our horizons expand, and what opportunities will there be?

From photos and drawings that correspond to what we want to achieve, you can create your "dream collage" and hang it so that our eyes fall on it as often as possible, not letting us forget about the reward that awaits us for our efforts. 

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This visualization of desires can be a good motivation. At the same time, we also create an "anti-collage", where we also colorfully depict what we do not want, are afraid of and want to avoid — black-and-white photos that depict boring, depressing people, poverty, misery, etc.

Ambitions - Remember your ambitions

The word "ambition" in many people causes negative associations. This is probably because it is often combined with the word "inflated". People with high ambitions claim a lot of things without having sufficient grounds for it, and overestimate their personal qualities and capabilities. Conversely, a person with low ambitions does not need anything: it seeks to satisfy only minimal needs.

how to be successful - How to be successful every day

But there are also healthy ambitions. In this case, they are an excellent source of motivation. A person with healthy ambitions is constantly on the move, he seeks to stand out with his knowledge and skills, sets goals and achieves them. 

And although psychologists say that ambition is laid in childhood, it can still be developed in yourself. Especially helps in this case, communication with ambitious people who always need more than others. The desire to keep up with them, to be no worse — a good motivation in the desire to become successful.

Do auto-suggestion

Autosuggestion, when used properly, works wonders. With the help of goals that affect the subconscious, you can change yourself, as they say, beyond recognition. Quite often, people trigger the mechanism of auto-suggestion involuntarily. 

For example, when they call themselves losers, they start behaving like losers. Doctors say that the power of thought can both defeat the disease and go to the next world.

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This means that by repeating phrases such as "I believe that I can do it", "I can do it, it's not difficult for me", you can program yourself for success. For greater effectiveness, they should be repeated in the morning, as soon as we Wake up, to create the appropriate mood for the entire day.

how to be successful - How to be successful every day

It is highly not recommended to use the negative particle "not". For example, instead of "I will not be a clumsy person", you should say "I am very attentive". Motivational phrases should evoke positive emotions in us.

getting excited - catch a wave - how to get into flow state

we are Getting excited, trying to "catch the wave" or "get into the flow», The American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in the book "Thread. The psychology of optimal experience" writes: 

"that the best motivation is to immerse the soul in a state of inner drive, which he calls "flow" (and we call inspiration). This powerful energy flow so engages the person that he does not think about anything but the favorite thing. Scientists caught in the stream make outstanding discoveries, creative people – artists, musicians, poets and writers-create masterpieces.

motivational videos - motivated speech - motivational books

Watch motivational movies and videos, read motivational books, Motivational movies will help you create the right mood, For example, "the pursuit of happiness" (the single father who wants his child to be happy), "the Social network" (about the history of students-classmates Facebook made them millionaires), "Always say Yes" (on how the short word "Yes" can change your life), "rain Man", "Knockin", "...But inside I'm dancing", "not Yet played in a box", etc.

Among the books are ray Bradbury's "the Cure for melancholy" and "dandelion Wine", lance Armstrong's "My return to life", Greg Mortenson's "Three cups of tea", Jerry and Esther Hicks '"Sarah", etc.

how to be successful - How to be successful every day

However, for sure everyone has their own book or movie that you want to go back to again and again, especially when your mental strength is running out. The main thing is not to forget that, in the words of the English poet Matthew Arnold: 

"the biggest bankrupt in this world is a person who has lost his enthusiasm for life."

Yerkes Dodson law

Remember the Yerkes-Dodson law, According to a law developed by British psychologists Robert Yerkes and John Dodson, the highest results are achieved with an average level of motivation, It is the average level that is optimal, The second name of the Yerkes-Dodson law is the law of optimal motivation.

Experienced psychologists have found that if the level of motivation is too high, a person becomes nervous, afraid of not meeting expectations and not coping with responsibility. Fear does not allow him to think adequately, and he makes mistakes

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