how to make your dreams come true?

how to make your dreams come true?

The most effective motivation is the path to the dream. All people dream, some constantly, some from time to time, but everyone is United by the positive content of the dream. For example, one wants to become famous and rich, and someone dreams of meeting the love of their life. 

how to make your dreams come true?

So if you are ready for the dream to come true – go ahead. In order to get a little closer to your dream, take the first step towards it! That's just not enough just to visualize a dream, constantly think about it and wait for it all to come true by itself. 

You need to work on yourself and make an effort to take even the first step, after which the next steps will not be so difficult in psychological terms. It is very difficult to decide on something, many people postpone it until better times. 

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when there will be more time, money, and power (underline) But the paradox is that the best time doesn't come, it just goes and goes every day. You can spend your whole life dreaming and cherishing your dream, protecting it, but you will never dare to realize it.

In addition to yourself, your loved ones can help you destroy your dreams, and if they find out about something, they probably won't support you, but if you set a goal to achieve your most cherished dream and your loved ones want to help you, it will just be an ideal situation, although it is very unlikely that this happens at all. 

how to make your dreams come true?

There is a joke: "90% of people have a dream that can be fulfilled before the end of the week, and they manage to make it the dream of their entire life." How do I approach my dream? The Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho observed: 

"When you want something badly, the whole universe will help you make it happen."

 So, strong desire is important. It will give you the energy and strength to fulfill your dream. For example, you dream of learning to snowboard. But now it's summer, you don't have a snowboard, you need equipment, you need a company, you need an instructor, and so on and so on.

All this suggests that you are not too eager to learn to ride, because if you really caught fire with it, you would have already found a section where they teach snowboarding all year round, or just left for a country where there is snow. Such circumstances are familiar to many: we postpone our dream "for later", because it is immature or we are not ready for its fulfillment ourselves.

The American writer Napoleon hill, who wrote a book in the style of "self-help" and the author of the book "Think and grow rich", wrote on this occasion: 

"Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire gives a small amount of heat."

Here is an example of a strong motivation to achieve your dream. You have always wanted to learn another language or just improve it to the level of fluent communication in it, but suddenly you have the opportunity to get a high-paying job in a prestigious foreign company and to be accepted, you need to communicate fluently in business this language, here is enough motivation to learn the language very quickly. 

how to make your dreams come true?

There are dreams that are prevented from being fulfilled by rational thinking. For example, you have a million dollar, and there is a choice of what car to take it can be a boring car from a car dealership or a car that you have dreamed of since childhood, but was used and not by one owner, and most likely the mileage is twisted, and possibly broken. 

But here there is one thing, where is the guarantee that your car, which you bought in the salon, will not break down, and it will not be stolen? There is also no guarantee that if you bought a car that you dreamed of, carefully checking all the documents and technical condition, that it will serve you for many years and nothing will happen to it. 

"If you don't try it, you won't find out" as they say. Buying a car is always a risk and it is possible to reduce the risk by rational purchase, but the risk cannot be completely excluded, because there is still such a factor as external influence.

how to make your dreams come true?

In order not to forget about your dream and feed yourself with motivation, you can use visualization, you can place a photo on the desktop of the object that you want(if you want something tangible) and every time you see an image with your dream, you will be charged with energy. 

The German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe advised: 

"No matter what your dream is, start working on it. And then real miracles will begin to happen in your life." 

So, in order for the dream to come true, it is necessary to act!

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