how to motivate yourself? - ways to motivate yourself

 how to get motivation? - 5 ways to motivate yourself every day

We all have good intentions, but often the motivation leaves us as soon as we run out of willpower and energy. In this list, I will tell you about several ways to help keep you motivated.

how to motivate yourself? - ways to motivate yourself

1 - Keep your ideas to yourself

Never tell anyone about your intentions, A positive response will make your brain think that the task is already done, the goal is achieved, and therefore there is no need to maintain motivation. So keep your intentions to yourself, and you will get your share of likes and endorsements when you achieve a real result.

how to motivate yourself? - ways to motivate yourself

2 - celebrating small victories

Celebrate even the most insignificant achievements. Celebrating small victories helps create positive habits. And you don't have to buy a cake or a bottle of champagne every time. It is enough just to note that something good has happened.

3 - have a rest - take rest

You deserve it. A good rest helps us work to the limit of our capabilities. But often the moment when you can't spare a moment for rest is when you need it most. So just take a vacation that you've been putting off for a long time and come back to business well-rested and with fresh ideas.

4 - be kind to yourself - learning to be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself, Stop comparing your achievements with those of your friends or colleagues at work. In our vast world, there are people who are much smarter than you. The moment you understand this, freedom will return to you. The freedom to ignore what others are doing and how they are doing it, and the ability to focus on your own.

5 - give me pleasure - Do what gives you pleasure

Find "your thing" and learn to do it well. Success in any business is based on the combination of passion and experience. But you need to pay attention to whether your occupation will continue to bring income. You may like a lot of things, but not every business will bring you material benefits.

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