improve quality of life - how can I improve my life?

increase quality of life - improve the quality

William Wordsworth wisely observed: "When the busy world takes us away for a long time from the best in us, when the cares are unbearable, and the pleasures are a burden — how sweet and pleasant loneliness can be!»

By being alone for at least a few minutes every day, you will be able to focus on your main life priorities and will not neglect your priorities, which so often happens in the lives of many of us.

improve quality of life - how can I improve my life?

And you say that I don't have time to be alone with myself, that is like not filling up your own car with gas, becouse that driving takes up all your time. If you don't fill up, you won't go.

best time to wake up - waking up too early

When you get out of bed early, you're giving yourself a present. Few habits we acquire can change our lives as much as the habit of getting up early.

improve quality of life - how can I improve my life?

Having won the "Battle to free your own bed" and escaped from the captivity of dreams, you will be rewarded with at least one hour of peace of mind at the crucial moment of the coming day — at the beginning of it. If you use this moment wisely, you will have a great time for the rest of the day.

In order to develop the habit of getting up early, you must first remember that it is the quality of sleep, and not its duration, that plays the primary role. For a person, six hours of uninterrupted sleep is much more beneficial than sleeping restlessly and in fits and starts for ten hours. 

I want to give you four tips that will help you get a good night's sleep:

  1. When trying to fall asleep, do not think about the events of the past day and do not make plans for the next day.
  2. Refrain from eating after 8 PM (if necessary, it is better to limit yourself to soup).
  3. Don't watch TV news programs before you go to bed.
  4. Don't read while you're lying in bed.

Within a few weeks, try to instill this habit in yourself. Giving up trying to get up early on the grounds that it's difficult is like taking a week of French lessons and then giving up on the grounds that you haven't learned the language yet. It takes time, effort, and patience to change your life. Remember that your initial fears and frustrations will be more than repaid with the fruits of your labors.

pain is the best teacher - failure is the path to success

Think of trouble as a blessing, Without making mistakes, overcoming obstacles, and experiencing experiences, you will not be able to gain wisdom and knowledge. It is necessary to understand once and for all that pain is the teacher, and failure is the surest path to success. 

pain is the best teacher - failure is the path to success

It is impossible to learn to play the guitar without first striking a few false chords, just as it is impossible to learn to sail without once listing the boat. Learn to accept trouble as a blessing from above. If you encounter any stumbling blocks on your path, turn them decisively into steps leading up. Vow to turn your torment into wisdom.
As William James, the father of modern psychology, said:"We don't laugh because we're happy. We are happy because we laugh."

taking risks in life - Take more risks

I can assure you that as you lie on your deathbed in the twilight of your life, your greatest regret will not be for putting yourself at risk so many times. If there is one thing that will fill your heart with the greatest regret and sadness, it is your untested risks, untapped opportunities, and uncharted fears. Remember the immutable law of success that says:

Life is nothing more than a lottery game: the greater the risk, the greater the opportunity to win.

in the words of Sophocles: "Happiness does not accompany the faint-hearted."

To live as fully as possible, take more risks and do what you fear. Try to take advantage of the inconvenience and stop moving along the path of least resistance. Of course, there is a high probability that you will stumble while walking on an untrodden path, but this is the only way you can get anywhere. As my mother says when comparing our lives to baseball:

"You can't be at third base with one foot on second."

Or as Andre the Jew put it: "you Cannot discover new lands without venturing to lose sight of the coastline for a long time."

The secret to a truly rich life is to stop wasting your time worrying about your own safety and devote it to finding new opportunities. Of course, you will have to accept your share of defeats and failures when you begin to live more intelligently and passionately. But defeats are nothing more than the science of winning.

taking risks in life - Take more risks

Or as my father once remarked, " Robin, it's dangerous to climb to the top of a tree, but that's usually where the ripest fruit grows."

wisest choice

As I wrote earlier, you always have to make a choice in life. Those people who have been able to fully realize themselves in life are able to make the wisest choice much faster than others. 

You may choose to spend the rest of your days sitting on the edge of the ocean of life in complete safety, or try your luck Diving into its depths in search of those pearls that are meant for strong-minded people. 

In order not to lose my inspiration and always remember the need to constantly expand my own capabilities, I put a poster on the wall of my office with this statement of Theodore Roosevelt:
It is not the critic who deserves to be admired, nor is it the one who points out the failures of the strong man or how and what could have been done better. 

Honor is due to the man who bravely enters the arena... whose face is disfigured by dust and sweat and blood… Who knows the great enthusiasm, the great ideals he sacrifices himself in the name of a worthy cause… And if he succeeds, if he is victorious, he will experience the triumph of great achievements, and if he is defeated.

It will at least be the defeat of a true warrior who has dared to dare without reserve, and therefore will never be counted among those cold and timid souls who know neither victories nor defeats.

improve quality of life - how can I improve my life?

Remember: there are no failures in life, only their results. There are no real tragedies, just lessons. And, in fact, there are no problems either — only opportunities in which a wise person recognizes solutions.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm."

Time is our greatest asset, but for some reason we live as if we have all eternity at our disposal. In order to control time, you need to focus on the most important things on a daily basis. To truly do something in life, you must understand what you should not do. 

As soon as you start devoting hours of your life to achieving high goals, fulfilling your main purpose and preparing to leave behind a great legacy, everything will immediately change. Many of the greatest thinkers of the past have come to the same conclusion.

The ancient sage Confucius expressed it in the following words: "He who chases two hares will not catch one."

And the ancient Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius said: "Create little, if you want peace of mind."

Management guru Peter Drucker put it a little differently: "There is nothing more useless than diligently doing something that is not worth doing."

What kind of person you will become in five years ' time will be determined by two main factors: the people you interact with and the books you read.

improve quality of life - how can I improve my life?

Thoughtful reading will allow you to maintain a twenty-four-hour spiritual connection with the most creative, intelligent, and inspired people in the history of the world. Aristotle, Emerson, Seneca, Gandhi, Thoreau and many of the wisest men and women who have become the adornment of our planet have long wanted to share their knowledge with you. 

Why don't you use this opportunity as often as possible? If you haven't read anything today, then you haven't lived today. If you can read but don't do it, you put yourself on the same level as someone who can't read at all.

The mind, being man's best friend, can become his worst enemy. If you constantly think about your problems, you will soon find that you can no longer think about anything else. In this sense, the human mind is an inexplicable creation of nature: we often remember what we want to forget, and Vice versa, we forget what we want to remember.

To calm the storm in your soul caused by various problems, list them on paper. By doing this, you will clear your mind of the festering problem through which your life forces flow. In addition, this simple method will help you imagine the order of these problems, so that you can solve them in a planned way, one after another.

Among many prominent people who support this principle, I can name martial artist Bruce Lee, as well as Winston Churchill, who once said:

 "I feel better when I put down on paper half a dozen things that are bothering me. 

Let's say two of them will fall off of their own accord, the next two will not depend on me, and the last two will probably be settled."

Most of us know what we need to do to become happier, healthier, and more successful. But the trouble is, we don't do what we know. From many people who give self-improvement lectures, I have heard the words: "Knowledge is power."

I don't agree with that. Knowledge is not power. It's just a potential force. It becomes a real force only when you make a determined effort to do so.

improve quality of life - how can I improve my life?

A person with a strong character always does what is necessary. Instead of watching TV for three hours after a grueling day at work, he has the willpower to get up from the couch and read an interesting book to his children. 

Instead of getting a long night's sleep on a cold winter morning, this person will harden their self-discipline by jumping out of bed for a morning jog. And because an action is a skill, the more often we perform useful actions, the more we feel the need for them.

Too often we do nothing, living in the expectation that the right path is about to open before us. We forget that the road will be mastered by the one who is walking, and not by the one who is standing and waiting. To dream is wonderful. But high dreams alone will not create a successful business, pay your bills, and become what you think you could be.

As Thomas Carlyle said 

"man's Purpose is action, not thought, no matter how noble."

The simplest action is always better than the most daring dream

The true value of being able to set goals for yourself and achieve them is not what reward you will receive, but what kind of person you will become when you achieve your goals. This simple clarification has always helped me love my life's path without losing sight of my personal and professional goals.

As one of my favorite philosophers Ralph Waldo Emerson put it: 

"The reward for a job well done is its completion."

When you achieve your goal - whether to become a wise leader or a good father — you grow as a person. Often you don't notice this growth, but it happens nonetheless. So instead of enjoying the rewards of achieving your goal, enjoy the fact that you have finally managed to become a better person. 

improve quality of life - how can I improve my life?

You have developed a habit of self-discipline, learned a lot about your capabilities, and have shown more of your human potential. This in itself is a reward — both in form and substance.

I advise you to think about your shortcomings over the next few weeks and make a promise to turn them into virtues that will enrich your life by making it more diverse and energetic.

I have always been surprised that so many people want to have more time, but they are also foolishly wasting even the time they have at their disposal. Time is the most important measure of our life.

Make a vow to manage your time effectively. Develop a deep understanding of how important your time is to you. Don't let other people take away this valuable capital from you, and invest it only in activities that are worth it.

Who would you invite to your Board of Directors? Here is a list of people I would very much like to see in my own: 

1 - Ben Franklin to keep an eye on my character;

2 - Albert Schweitzer to remind me of the need to serve other people;

3 - Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela - for leadership advice;

4 - Bruce Lee as a self-discipline consultant;

5 - Marie Curie — for finding innovative ways to solve problems;

6 - Viktor Frankl, a heroic witness to the Holocaust: let him teach me how to overcome adversity.

The person who asks looks like a fool for only five minutes. A goth who does not do this will remain a fool for life, " says a wise Chinese proverb.

The more you ask, the more you will get, but it takes practice. Success is a lottery. As the Buddhist sages used to say: 

"Every arrow that hits the target is the result of a hundred misses."

Over the next few weeks, try to develop your "begging abilities" by booking the best table at your favorite restaurant, a free second ice cream cone at a cafe next door to your home, or a free ticket on the next flight of the airline that you are a regular customer of. 

You will be surprised when you learn what an abundance of all sorts of goods can fill your life. It is only necessary to ask sincerely for what you want. Remember: a person who asks has a chance to get what they want. The one who refrains from asking has no chance at all.

improve quality of life - how can I improve my life?

Merging with nature is a great way to release your creative powers and find fresh ideas. Newton discovered the law of universal gravitation while resting under an Apple tree.

While enjoying nature, remember the surrounding landscape in detail to develop the ability to focus. Study the complex structure of a flower or watch the movement of water in a sparkling stream. Take off your shoes so that you can feel the grass with your bare feet. Silently thank nature for allowing you to enjoy its extraordinary beauty. Many people do not notice these beauties.

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