the laws of success - 16 laws of success

Hello all, in this article we will review the book by Napoleon hill "the Law of success"

The overmind

Napoleon hill tells us that the higher mind is created by the Union of two or more minds, and that absolute harmony is also necessary. Instead of acting alone, it is more effective to join forces.

laws of success

Have you ever heard the expression "one head is good, but two are better?" Napoleon hill attributes the law of higher reason to himself.

main goal - Specific main goal

Many people can't find their dream job, but a specific goal in your life will help. Stop living aimlessly, you need a clear reference point to which you will strive. But the goals themselves must also be large-scale! This is the only way you can get up early and work harder. Divide a large task into several smaller ones, set the exact completion time, make a plan for the day, week, month, and year, and get started!

Confidence - self confidence

To gain confidence, you need to become a professional in a certain field and understand it well. First, you need to defeat a demon named "Fear". If you defeat the enemy inside you, no external opponents will be able to stop you!

saving mony

"You can't succeed in life without saving money," says hill. To become financially independent, you need to save money. For example, set aside at least 10% of your salary.

laws of success

leadership initiatives

Initiative is the Foundation of leadership. And what is an initiative? It is the ability of a person to do something without being forced to act. If you have a clear goal, you are confident in yourself and still show initiative, then you are a real leader!

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To achieve the overall goal, the leader will always lead by example and expand the capabilities of his team.

imagination - imaginations

Your imagination will help you generate new ideas and plans. Initiative moves the leader forward, while imagination sets the plan for achieving the goal. Imagination helps to build a new house on the old Foundation.

Imagination points to a way out of the problems that stand in the way of success and financial independence. Don't be afraid to dream!

Enthusiasm - enthusi

Enthusiasm inspires and encourages action. It is the locomotive of action, the driving force. in sales and public speaking, this locomotive is necessary. Enthusiasm strongly affects the environment and the person himself.

laws of success

When you do something with enthusiasm, time flies by. Others find the task difficult and monotonous, but not you!

self control - exercising self control

Self-control is a balance wheel that directs actions not to destroy but to create, although enthusiasm is a vital motivating quality. When enthusiasm and self-control are in balance, then the person is well balanced.

It takes self-control to take the reins of destiny into your own hands. Self-control is the ability to direct the energy of enthusiasm in the right direction.

the Habit of doing more than what is paid for

Those who do more efficiently and more than they should, sooner or later, are guaranteed a cash turnover that will exceed the volume of services rendered. In any field, it is impossible to become a real leader if you do not do more work than the one for which the salary is paid. This is embedded in the DNA of a true leader.

Do you have a website? If so, it may seem that users do not spend a penny to read its content, but this is not the case. People trade reading a message for their time (which they will never get back) and expect to get something in return. Even if it's just a few minutes of entertainment, funny jokes, or quick notes. Exceed your expectations. By giving more, you gain a new experience, instantly stand out from the crowd, and increase your value.

attractive personality

The basis of an attractive personality, enthusiasm you must become one in order to influence people to achieve your goal. This is a direct road to recognition, success, and leadership.

laws of success

Have you ever had a feeling that you don't trust the person you first met?

Potential customers feel like a hypocritical salesman whose sole purpose is to suck money out of them. You don't want to be like that, do you? Take a genuine interest in your customers ' lives and identify their needs before you talk about selling. This is the best strategy so that when communicating with you, customers do not build defensive walls.

power of thought - Accuracy of thought

Accuracy of thought is not based on randomness or information noise, but primarily on facts. To think accurately, you must learn to separate simple information from facts. And facts are divided into two categories: "irrelevant" and "important facts". How do I do this? Any facts that you can use to achieve your goal should be considered relevant; the rest are irrelevant.

laws of success

For all who are searching, there is an infinite amount of information. Create the perfect body, build a business and much more. Never before has humanity had greater opportunities! There is a ton of information on the Internet that makes it difficult to understand what actually works. Learn to distinguish fake messages from important information to get closer to achieving your goal.


The ability to control your thoughts and focus your attention on a specific task until it is completed is called concentration. It helps you implement your plans and achieve your goals.

Focus on one task at a time to prioritize your business and get results.

Cooperation - the cooperation

Without the help and cooperation of other people, no one can achieve a sustainable result for a long time. Humanity can survive only through cooperation. This principle of success applies to all branches of life.

To build a successful business, collaboration between team members is crucial. Interaction gives each team member the ability to influence common actions to achieve success. A business machine that will only work properly when all its parts work together to achieve a single goal.

Failure - overcoming failure

Hill argues that every failure carries a lesson that you need to learn. You will learn it if you keep your eyes and ears open and are ready to learn. He also argues that the term "real failure" should be used instead of "failure", since adversity precedes success in any business.

laws of success

What does this mean for you? Fear of failure, the factor that keeps people from taking action. This is what makes people wonder: "What if?" for the rest of my life. Making mistakes is normal as long as you don't make the same mistake twice.

Tolerance - intolerants

According to hill, cooperation and tolerance are the Foundation of long-term success. Intolerance is a form of ignorance, a product of religious and racial prejudices that create contradictions among people who should be friends. Intolerance fills people's minds with doubt and distrust. Intolerance leads to missed opportunities.

What does this mean for you? Can a person's race or religious beliefs actually affect the overall success of a business? Would you turn down a hardworking team member simply because they speak a different language, or profess a different religion? Religious and racial intolerance has repeatedly given humanity the opportunity to destroy itself. Don't let intolerance get in the way of your success!

rule of success - The Golden rule of success

There is a universal law of human behavior: "treat others as you would like them to treat you." According to hill, this concept extends far beyond actions, it also extends to who you think about, so: "think of others the way you want them to think of you." The lack of understanding of the philosophy of this universal law of human behavior has led millions of people to failure and poverty throughout their lives.

laws of success

What does this mean for you? Call it karma, justice, or simply the balance of the Universe. Despite your religious beliefs, you must understand that every kindness has its rewards, and every unkind act has its consequences. Help others build businesses so that they can help build yours.

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