motivation morning - Motivation starts in the morning

 motivation morning - motivation to start a business

"If you don't know what you want, you'll end up with something you don't want" 

Chuck Palahniuk

Today I want to talk to you about motivation, Motivation is a willingness to do something.

how to stay motivated - how to be motivated?

What was your first activity when you woke up? Go to your Instagram feed, VK, or other social and sit there for 30 minutes, if your morning starts like this, then most likely you do not have a clear plan for this day, in order that this plan would appear, take a notebook from the very morning and write down all the goals and things that need to be done. 

motivation morning - Motivation starts in the morning

When there is a clear plan of action, the day will pass on a single wave and you will be more energized than ever, knowing that I have things to do that I haven't done yet, and let the whole world go to hell until I finish this, this day is not over for me.

Remind yourself of your goals, Usually, we set long-term and short-term goals before we commit ourselves to something. If you stop making sense of your goals, you may lose motivation if you don't constantly check how far you've come. Tracking your goals and checking your progress can help you stay motivated day in, day out.

You should have a fire in your eyes every day. After all, a big goal consists of daily work over it.

To reach the goal, you need to walk.

-Honore de Balzac

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