set a goal for yourself - How to set a goal for yourself?

 list of goals to set for yourself

A goal differs from a dream in that it has not only an image, but also real ways to achieve it, Without the means and concrete actions that make approaching the goal possible, you can only dream and fantasize.

set a goal for yourself - How to set a goal for yourself?

how to set a goal and achieve it

The goal is an ideal, mental anticipation of the result of a person's actions and ways to achieve it using certain means.

In other words, the goal is a possible, imagined future event or state of something, the implementation of which is desirable for a person (a personal image of the future). At the same time, the goal always corresponds to the means and possible ways necessary to achieve it.

Otherwise, this desired future will only be a spell of the elements (lack of possible means) or fruitless dreams (lack of ways to achieve). Thus, the goal is always something for which specific human actions are carried out, No actions, no goals, And vice versa.

How to set goals correctly

The fulfillment of our desires and the realization of our dreams largely depends on how we set our goals correctly. The goal setting rules help us turn our aspirations and desires into reality. Therefore, in this article, we will consider in detail the question -" how to set goals correctly?", and we will understand how to translate your desires and dreams into the category of real and clear goals that can be achieved.

set a goal for yourself - How to set a goal for yourself?

Rely only on your own resources

Before you set a goal, bear in mind that all responsibility for its implementation falls entirely on your shoulders. To avoid being tempted to pass the blame for your failures on to someone else, set goals that you can achieve without help. This goal setting rule will prevent you from drawing the wrong conclusions when working on mistakes in the future (if you don't achieve something).

write down goals 

First, goals, like ideas, should be written down on paper (Notepad, diary, or notebook). A detailed goal has a much better chance of being fulfilled. If you think you can keep your goals in your head without putting them on paper, then don't be deluded about achieving them. Such goals can safely be attributed to the category of dreams. Dreams and desires wander chaotically in our head, they are confused, disordered and completely unclear to us.

The efficiency of such goals-dreams is extremely low, in fact, they are achieved very rarely. Even words can often not describe what we really want. Therefore, the goal must be formulated with a pencil in hand. The saying is true  " What is written with a pen, you can not cut out with an axe."

Setting and articulating a goal with the help of writing involves our subconscious mind in active work, the formulated goal gives confidence and makes each next step meaningful.

set a goal for yourself - How to set a goal for yourself?

Secondly, the correct goal setting and formulation presupposes that the goal should carry a positive charge. Therefore, it is better to formulate it using the rules of affirmations – talk about what you want, not what you do not want. 

The correct goal is "to be rich", "to be sober", "to be slim". The wrong goal is to "avoid poverty", "not drink", "lose weight". If nothing positive comes to mind and something like "I don't want this" constantly turns around, try asking correctly: "this Is something I don't want. Then what do I want instead?»

Also, following this rule of goal setting, it is better not to use words that create resistance and reduce the effectiveness of the goal – "necessary", "should". These words are antipodes to the word "want". How can you want to, using blocking words for motivation? Therefore, replace "need" with "want", "should" with "can"," should " with "will".

The correct goal is "I want to rest and go on vacation", "I can and can earn and will earn a lot of money". The wrong goal is "I need to rest and go on vacation", "I have to earn money To pay the debt". It is also best to formulate the goal in terms of the result, not the process: that is, "do something" not "work better".

sub goal - Break up big goals into sub-goals

Any big goal seems unaffordable until you begin to divide it into parts. For example, the desire to buy property abroad does not seem feasible at first glance. But if you move towards your goal in planned steps, dividing it into stages, it will be easier to achieve it.

set a goal for yourself - How to set a goal for yourself?

You can start by setting a goal to earn 1 thousand $ a day, then 2 thousand, and so on, Step by step (goal by goal), you will reach a level where you can think about buying real estate, Setting complex (global) goals and tasks, with splitting them into smaller ones, has an excellent motivational effect. 

Having achieved one, however insignificant, goal, you will feel satisfied and will want to go further. When you reach the near border, you gain the strength and confidence to reach the far one.

Gradually, the way of thinking will also change. Understand, it is unrealistic to earn 20 thousand rubles a month, and then in a few weeks increase your income to 500 thousand rubles. Big money likes the prepared.

Specifying the goal

Often, the reason why the goal is not achieved is because it is not specific, namely:

The absence of a clearly formulated concrete result

What does it mean – "I Want to learn Chinese" - to learn a couple of hundred words, or does it mean to learn to communicate fluently in this language, and maybe "learn Chinese" means to learn all 80 thousand characters and read the text without a dictionary?

It is not possible to measure this result

When setting goals and objectives, it is important to consider the further possibility of measuring the result. For example, if you want to lose extra weight, you should know how much you want to lose, five, ten or maybe thirty pounds.

There are no clearly defined deadlines

Here are two examples of setting a goal: the first is "I want to increase my site traffic to a thousand unique visitors per day," and the second is "I want to increase my site traffic to a thousand unique visitors per day in three months." 

set a goal for yourself - How to set a goal for yourself?

The first option, without clearly defined deadlines, looks more like a desire than a goal. Well, does a person want to increase traffic to their resource, and so what? It will take him five years to get there. Another thing is the second option – there is a set deadline, which will stimulate and encourage in every possible way. 

For sure, the deadline was determined reasonably, and not taken from the ceiling, and therefore you will have to forget about laziness and work productively.

Be flexible! 

Just because you set a goal doesn't mean that you can't make the necessary adjustments to it. Anything can happen, and there may be circumstances that can slow down or speed up the goal's completion, so you need to be prepared to adjust the goal. Remember that stagnation in aspirations has never made anyone either successful or happy. Life changes, and you must keep up with it!

The attractiveness of the goal

The goal and the consequences of achieving it should attract you! choose the goals that entice, inspire and inspire you, otherwise "sheepskin dressing is not worth it".

Believe that your goal is achievable

After formulating and setting a specific goal, it is necessary to enter into it and fix it in the subconscious. It happens that we consciously strive to achieve the goal, but unconsciously we are not ready to achieve it. You can want a goal, but in your heart of hearts do not believe in its feasibility, do not believe in your abilities, or simply consider yourself unworthy.

set a goal for yourself - How to set a goal for yourself?

It is not enough to formulate the goal correctly, you need to charge it with the energy of confidence – this is the most important condition for readiness to achieve the goal. All successful people, starting from TV stars (Oprah Winfrey, Larry king...) and outstanding athletes (Michael Jordan, Fedor Emelianenko...), ending with politicians (MITT Romney, Silvio Berlusconi, Arnold Schwarzenegger...) and businessmen (Richard Branson, Lakshmi Mittal...) have achieved what they have thanks to the ability to correctly formulate and set goals.

Adjusting goals and tasks

If you have already defined your main life goals, it does not mean that you cannot partially change them over time. Adjustment of goals and objectives may take place at every stage of your life journey. Flexibility in our time is the most important quality that allows us to adapt to the changed conditions. It should be remembered that rigid views have never led anyone to success or happiness. You must change with the world around you.

At least once a year, every person who is determined to succeed should devote time to something like adjusting goals. For example, you can do this every day of your birthday, because this is the moment when you grow up for one year and realize that you have become wiser. Devote this day to analyzing the fruits that you were able to collect over the previous year.

Focus on your victories and don't forget to praise yourself for them. At the same time, do not lose sight of your failures. Make the most correct conclusions and think about what you will have to work on in the coming period. Make sure to evaluate the list of goals that was compiled a year ago. Carefully analyze each of your tasks. Think about exactly what you did to implement it over the past year.

Evaluate how far you have progressed in your aspirations. Ask yourself whether a specific goal means the same to you as it did a year ago. This task may seem unimportant or even naive to you today. In such a situation, you can safely cross it out.

set a goal for yourself - How to set a goal for yourself?

After you've gone through all your goals, start creating a new list. You can modify old issues based on the requirements of the present moment. If you have new ideas about goals, be sure to fix them. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that the new tasks do not contradict the old ones that are still relevant. We must remember that our capabilities must be evaluated adequately. 

Try to set achievable goals for yourself, because unrealistic tasks that are almost impossible to complete at this stage will become the subject of your frustration in a year.

If your life has changed significantly over the past year, you may need to adjust your tasks. You don't need to set yourself too tight a time frame. You don't need to wait a year to make adjustments to your goals. By forming new life priorities, you will be able to understand and accept all the changes that have occurred in your life.

Most likely, you have a multitude of purposes. Try writing them down briefly and clearly on a piece of paper. Most likely, you will not be able to do this quickly the first time, and the results of such work may surprise you. It is not superfluous to compare the old and new list in order to understand what you have given up and where you are going.

Keep in mind that you can change both the goals themselves and how they are implemented. For example, the past strategy of achieving a certain goal at the moment may seem to you universal stupidity. Make changes in your life, otherwise there is a risk that you will stay in the same place for a long time.

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