Balance wheel is a cool tool for planning and diagnosing problematic areas of life.

 Balance wheel is a cool tool

In order to properly prioritize and understand what to put your strength and attention on first, what to devote more time to, in order to bring your life into a harmonious state as quickly as possible, there is a practice: Wheel of life balance. This" wheel " was invented by Paul J. Smith. Mayer, and it has already proven itself in thousands of trainings around the world.

Balance wheel is a cool tool for planning and diagnosing problematic areas of life.

It is important to be able to balance all areas of your life and develop comprehensively. After all, the sphere that subsides will always pull down the rest and overshadow the overall emotional state. And even if all the other parameters are good, you will feel dissatisfied and disappointed with your life, if there is a shortage somewhere.

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The wheel of life balance is represented as a circle with radii representing the main areas of life and goals for each category. Example: The spheres are individual for each one, so please specify your own.

Next, write down on a separate sheet for yourself what your life would look like if on the scale you could put 10 points out of 10 on a certain category. For example, 10 points on the scale of creativity (music) for the next year for me looks like this: 

"I have recorded and released my own music album, which occupies high positions in ITunes.I have successfully performed my solo concert for an audience of 70 people, and my YouTube channel has already more than 100,000 subscribers."

Balance wheel is a cool tool for planning and diagnosing problematic areas of life.

Write your goals in the present tense

Then you need to understand which area is lagging behind the most. What goals and desires are constantly postponed and find out why. This article will help you - 7 simple ways to stop procrastinating for later? Procrastination - what should I do?

The category with the lowest score is the primary source of dissatisfaction and frustration in life. And when you improve it, you increase your sense of well-being, affluence, happiness, love for yourself and the world around you.

Then make a plan to solve this issue, prioritize everything so that you can keep up. And every day take a step on the way to improving this sphere of life and harmonizing-leveling the common wheel of life.

Repeat this practice every 1-3 months to track changes

Start changing your life, your thinking, and your habits here and now. Do not wait for perfect moments, a confluence of the stars or have a good Monday. After all, time is running out irrevocably. 

We need to learn to value it, prioritize it, and manage it better than we have been taught to do since childhood, in order to achieve our desired goals. In anticipation of better times and opportunities, you can skip them.

Believe me, you already have everything you need to achieve what you want. The world always provides the right resources, opportunities, and solutions; you just have to let yourself notice them. And if you want something, then it is already possible to embody it. In the present moment, the most ideal conditions have already been created for you to make your dream come true.

The road will be mastered by the walking one! So go ahead, you will succeed! I found out.

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