Conflicting situations, How to deal with them? Answer: TRIZ

how to solve the conflict

Most people do not like to face contradictions in life, conflicts, so we often try to avoid them in every possible way. If they do happen, we often try not to solve them, but just to survive them. This may indicate that the contradiction is an unavoidable and eternal evil, or that we simply do not know how to resolve them positively.

how to solve the conflict

What contradictions can occur in the lives of:

Two people are sitting in the office. One is hot, he wants to open the window to the street, and the other is cold, he is categorically opposed to opening.

What should I do?

Or are there situations in your history where the issue conditions were significantly more complicated: During the Persian conquest, the Greeks had to visit the Palace of the Persian king Artaxerxes I on an important matter.

The Greek Ambassador was told that according to local traditions, anyone who came to the king must bow at his feet, otherwise he would immediately fall out of favor. But the Greeks themselves were a very proud people and considered it a humiliation. Bowing to the king of other lands is not good enough.


What the Ambassador needs to do, there is no desire to bow, but it is impossible not to bow - the negotiations will break down.

how to solve the conflict

What should I do in this situation? There are three approaches to solving problems related to juxtaposition:

1. Extremist: when one of the requirements is ignored and another is implemented. The person ignores the other and just opens a window (from our example).

2. Compromise: an attempt to do something in between contradictions. This method is used by most people in their lives. Bow to the king, but only half. Unfortunately, this method is also not satisfactory, since both systems are not 100% implemented - the result is not achieved.

3. Creative: this method is the most effective, because it creates a creative (non-standard) approach to the solution, which satisfies both conflicting requirements, and then the problem is solved successfully. This is the creative solution of inventive tasks (TRIZ)

how to solve the conflict

The WAY to resolve the CONTRADICTION by TRIZ, Let's take a look at the 3 most common ones

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1. In time: Now I'm sitting with the window open, and then you're sitting with the window closed. Both people at the same time feel wonderful!

2. In space: I'm sitting with the window open in this room, and you're sitting with the window closed in the other.

3. in relation to this contradiction – it is this way that the problem with the Ambassador is solved.

how to solve the conflict

So how did the Greek Ambassador manage to bow without bowing? Please write your response in the comments section.

TRIZ is directly related to our lives, because now we live in a time when technologies, all sorts of gadgets are rapidly developing and our lives are filled with large flows of information.

Therefore, we have to solve more complex life tasks than even 10-15 years ago. If we want to keep up with the times, we have to use new knowledge and tools to find the best and most productive solutions to emerging issues.

TRIZ is just one of these tools – use it in your life!

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