How easy is it to get out of the maze of problems?

turn any negative event to your advantage 

How often do you get into trouble all the time? And the more you are angry and confused, the more global and severe the problems become.

And how often does it seem that everything is frozen and does not move? Some problems do not go away and do not resolve for a very long time, and even go into the category of chronic and habitual ones. It seems that you are at a dead end...and you no longer have the strength to even fight it all...after all, "nothing changes" anyway.

turn any negative event to your advantage

What should I do in such situations? How to get out of the abyss of problems and not climb unknowingly back at the first opportunity?

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All this happens because in negative situations, a person most often succumbs to emotions and simply reflects on what is happening. He looks into the mirror world that reflects him. And instead of dealing with yourself - as the root cause of negative reflection. The person begins to get angry, make claims, take offense, or attack the reflection.

You need to understand that any negative situation repeats itself from time to time, because your brain is used to it being like this. And with every time and every emotional reinforcement of this fact with exclamations: "I knew it", "it's like this every time", "I forgot to do it Again", "Nothing changes" further fix and aggravate this situation in your life.

turn any negative event to your advantage

But from any, even a strongly rolled track, you can steer on the path of happiness, satisfaction with your life and fulfillment of desires. You just need to change your way of thinking and reacting to negative events in the present.

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The practice that I found in the book helps a lot in this regard: "Dreams come true. The law of Attraction in action " by Esther and Jerry X. When on our road of life we move our own way towards the realization of our true desires of the Soul, we feel good, experience positive emotions.

But as soon as our path deviates from what the Soul desires (this often happens because of negative beliefs that attract negative events to us in support of them, and prevent us from achieving our goals and fully realizing ourselves in this life)...negative emotions arise.

When a problem arises, we need to train ourselves to be aware that it is attracted, because its source is in ourselves. And removing the source, the reflection disappears. What to do when an unpleasant situation occurs:

turn any negative event to your advantage

1) You need to clearly decide for yourself that you do not want or allow more of this in your life.

2) Decide for yourself what you really want and what you would like to see the outcome of this situation next time - what is the most favorable way out of the problem for you?

3) during the course of a negative event, keep an image of the result that you want to get instead of the problem.

In this way, you erase this problem from your future, replacing it with a good result. And everything then resolves itself-easily, simply and quickly.

I'll give you a simple example:

I wanted to buy a new comb for about a month, but every time I forgot, I couldn't find a suitable one, it was too expensive, or it was of poor quality. And every time I combed my hair, I thought with regret that I did not have a new comb and that this one constantly tore my hair. This went on again and again.

But then, after I bought this book and read about the practice of u-turn, I began to apply it wherever possible. On the same day, when I combed my hair, I no longer imagined the absence of what I wanted, experiencing negative emotions at the same time - but its presence in my life, setting myself up for a positive one.

turn any negative event to your advantage

Every time I went to the mirror to comb my hair, I imagined myself being combed with a new quality wooden comb and felt happy and happy about this circumstance. The result was not long in coming, the very next day, on my way home, I went with my loved one to fix my backpack and went "accidentally" into the wrong building..

But it was there that I came across a shop that sold the very wooden comb that I had imagined. That's how everything happens-easily and simply, sometimes in the most unexpected way. And the comb is just a small example of the power of creating your own reality, which is present in every person.

Everything that we want can already be realized by us, and the world will provide all the opportunities, tools and resources to realize what we want. Otherwise, we would not even be able to imagine it-to want it. Our innermost desires of the Soul are the clue to our path and purpose in this incarnation. For example, if you don't want to be President, then it's unlikely that you have this potential and you need to realize it.

In order to live in happiness, you need to learn to clearly feel what you really want and what you don't want. And constantly focus your attention on what you want, not the other way around. I will write about this in more detail in the following articles.

Go ahead, you will succeed! I found out.

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