How not to be afraid to act?

where does fear come from

Perhaps everyone who thought about doing something, even if it was not very grandiose or ambitious, faced this unpleasant feeling of fear for their future. The brain likes to paint us terrible pictures of the future, in which our actions have led us to not very good consequences.

where does fear come from

And all because while we sit in one place and do not take any actions, the body is in a sparing mode. It is not the desire to get away from this comfort that so strongly influences our behavior. Constant comfort creates weakness in a person and weans the body to fight and thereby rejuvenate.

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How to overcome this condition? Well, first you need to expand your horizons and understand that fear is just a figment of our imagination. And it is precisely because of this fruit that we are so undecided. You need to develop a sense of revulsion for your own fear. And begin to act based on this very self-loathing of the fearful one.

The most important mistake of many people is to try to suppress their inner desires by finding excuses. After all, it is not for nothing that there is a well-known phrase in which it is said that someone who really wants something will find a thousand ways, and someone who does not want a thousand reasons not to do it. So in our case, just take it and immediately act. Don't waste time making plans and stuff, act and solve problems as they come.

where does fear come from

In our old age, we will all very much regret that we did not try to do something, change something, whether in ourselves or in the world around us. Yes, a person is a social being and you may be subject to the disapproval of others at the beginning of implementing your goals.

But remember your goal, what you are going for, and don't pay attention to them. They will remember that they were wrongly judging you when you are already on the Olympus of success.

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