How to manage your life? Why does this not work for everyone?

how to manage life

Recently, from everywhere from articles, from the Internet, from books and films, people are shouting: "You can control your life! Just be aware and think positively! Everything is possible and you can do it all!»

Then they give examples of successful people, pictures of a beautiful life...and all this, of course, is inspiring and interesting...but it does not erase a hundred questions in your head: "What should I do? How do I manage it? How can I no longer step on the same rake and finally get out of the squirrel wheel of fussy everyday life, frustration and frustration?»

How to manage your life? Why does this not work for everyone?

Why does everyone around you say only General words? Where are the tools, keys and levers with which you can take control of your life in practice, and not just theory?

In order to understand this issue in sufficient depth, I had to go through a long path of trial and error, learning new knowledge through trainings, books, mentors and testing them in practice, filtering meanings and combining disparate tools into a complete system of managing reality and building your dream life. Further on in this blog. 

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I will share with you my experiences, realizations and tools – the keys to a happy and harmonious Life. After all, we came to this world in order to be happy and fully realize our potential.

So how do you manage your reality? After all, it depends "not at all on me" (as I believed at that moment), but on many facts and circumstances beyond my control: on the state, politicians, the system, the weather in the end, but not on me!

How to manage your life? Why does this not work for everyone?

And it seems that if life were so easy and simple to manage, then everyone around you would certainly do it and live without problems. And everyone's life would turn into a fairy tale! But I did not know any living examples of such a person, and certainly they were not in my environment.

As time passed, the Internet began to trumpet even louder: "Everything depends on us", "Change yourself, and the world will change", "Thoughts are material", "Desires come true", "all this is easy, you only need to change your thinking".

So you sit there and look at your life, and then you look at all these headlines about success, and you think...maybe I'm just a failure, or I'm not good enough, or I don't understand something. Since everyone is already so easy and simple to change their thinking, go to new levels of life, and I still sit on the spot...trying to find at least somewhere instructions for the control panel of reality and this very "thinking".

How to manage your life? Why does this not work for everyone?

Now that I have been working on this issue for a long time, I have realized that all these statements are true and everything depends only on me - there are no other circumstances. And the entire surrounding world only reflects the entire multi-faceted universe of a person – as in a negative way: fears, doubts, insecurities, beliefs ... embedded from childhood, and in the positive.

That is why the "loser" spends as much energy to build a world of failures, suffering, stress and vanity around himself as a happy successful person – to create a world of success, harmonious relationships, full realization, love and happiness.

After all, everything you have in your life is the result of your previous thoughts, reactions, attitudes, actions, and past choices. And in whatever position and state you are in, the choice is already here and now only for you - in which direction to direct your attention and strength, and what kind of life around you to form.

How to manage your life? Why does this not work for everyone?

In the following articles here, I will share the keys that can help you irrevocably change your life to the very best side for you and open the doors to those worlds and levels of life that you have dreamed of since childhood...but everyone was afraid to believe that this is really possible and you can do it.

Until the next articles, and a wonderful mood for you!

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