How to motivate yourself correctly?

how to get motivated, can you make mistakes in motivation?

The fact of the matter is that Yes, it is possible to make mistakes in the motivation and motivate yourself absolutely wrong. Because we often force ourselves to move without understanding our purpose. It is always necessary to understand yourself first. We must learn to ask ourselves the question “ " Why is this so?".

how to get motivated, can you make mistakes in motivation?

Let's say you have a goal to develop yourself physically, but what is it for you? You answer the question, " Because I want a beautiful body." Why do you want a beautiful body? Therefore, I am not satisfied with the way I look. And in this case, just by looking at yourself, you can already get additional motivation.

You should always put your values and inner worldview at the head of the table. In the pursuit of your goal, you can very easily lose yourself and endanger your psychological and physical health. You should not be like plasticine, which can be easily bent in different directions. You must approach the solution of any question through your worldview. If you are in harmony with yourself, you will avoid many problems and failures.

Always make sure that your goal matches your values. Otherwise, any motivation will work a couple of times, and then it will backfire. You will no longer be able to motivate yourself, your brain will start to come up with various excuses or tricks to do nothing.

how to get motivated, can you make mistakes in motivation?

The most important aspect is that you need to enjoy your way to the goal. If your path is fully consistent with your values, then it will be pleasant for you even in difficult moments. After all, you will feel that you are growing above yourself in the environment that you originally wanted.

And never fall for the Ruse that says that without motivation you are unable to act. Just act, do the job and it will lead you to results, no matter if you were motivated or not.

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