How to understand your purpose and find a life's work?

 understanding your calling and purpose - psychology vector is the easiest way!

If you have been wondering about finding your purpose and business that will bring you pleasure and money, then this article is for you. Vector psychology (VP) can instantly change your perception of yourself and the people around you.

Each person is born into this world with certain tasks, a certain "computer" program of behavior, desires, life strategies, with a certain inherent potential of qualities and talents that nature has built into it.

How to understand your purpose and find a life's work?

This program is given to us in order to help the entire human species develop (survive). If we implement this plan, we feel harmony and satisfaction in life in addition to the benefits. If not, then pain, frustration, and frustration.

But, unfortunately, it often turns out that our program of life and realization does not coincide with the program of our parents or those respected adults who surround us in childhood and bring us up.

In this regard, it happens so that they try to change us to the image that seems right for others. Because of this, those of our strong qualities, thanks to which we were supposed to be realized and benefit our entire species, are "clogged". The idea creeps into my head that something is wrong in us, something is not as it should be.

And we begin to try to meet the standards and ideals that society imposes. We are trying to develop not those strong qualities and talents that nature has laid down for us, but those that "need" to be developed in order to become good, normal, and realized by the standards of people around us. No one has explained to us that we are different - with different desires, values, and potential for fulfillment.

How to understand your purpose and find a life's work?

And what for one person is the norm of a good life, for another can be like a nightmare. Therefore, even if we achieve some results, in the end we do not feel happy, we feel dissatisfied with our work, relationships, ourselves, and life in General.

Vector psychology identifies 8 sensitive zones, each of which denotes a certain type of character (human behavior) – these are Vectors. These vectors have always been present in man-for thousands of years, starting with the most primitive people. And around these vectors are built all our desires and all our life - whether we want it or not.

The presence of a vector shows that a person at the level of the body has a certain sensitive area, and at the level of the psyche-specific desires, thoughts and needs that are directed to his development and implementation in society.

For example, I will describe one of the vectors:

1) Orange vector (sensitive skin area).

In the primitive pack, I was a hunter, a provider, in the modern world - these are all sorts of organizers, entrepreneurs, people who ensure the efficiency of any process or company.

understanding your calling and purpose - psychology vector is the easiest way!

And people with this vector could realize themselves, nature built into them such qualities as: economy, logic, the ability to quickly make decisions, mobility, the ability to do several things at once, etc. They have everything you need to achieve the greatest heights in your business.

And the most surprising thing is that this vector has an additional desire: financial and social superiority, as well as a constant desire to compete, go to career growth. That is, if this person starts building their own business or decides to build a career, then it will bring them joy and inner satisfaction.

2) and there is another vector - brown.

It has completely different aspirations, qualities and correspondingly physical manifestations in the body. These people are reasonable, meticulous, slow, and do everything slowly, because their task is to become some kind of narrowly focused specialist (for example, a surgeon). 

All of its physical manifestations are opposite to the orange vector, so such people can never understand each other: Browns for orange are slow bores, and orange for brown are brazen scammers.

understanding your calling and purpose - psychology vector is the easiest way!

These vectors can be very easily seen in ourselves and others, and finally begin to understand what is really ours in our life (it brings us joy), and what is imposed. And the latter is better disposed of.

In a modern person, on average from 3 to 5 vectors, this means that a person can achieve success in several different directions. But if these vectors are not developed, then the person suffers and feels dissatisfied with his life. Also, the presence of certain vectors in a person indicates that certain habits, thoughts, and character are built into a person.

My friends, from the very beginning, we already had a desire and the necessary qualities to receive it, but we were not given 100% of its implementation. 

understanding your calling and purpose - psychology vector is the easiest way!

The extent to which we have "accepted", developed and learned to use each vector laid down in us in a harmonious way directly affects the degree of your realization and satisfaction with your life. And this is exactly what we can influence through a deeper understanding of ourselves and our behavior.

To understand what is our Own and what is not, to realize our potential, to find our way and understand other people and to establish, build harmonious relationships with others - this is primarily what knowledge of vector psychology helps to understand.

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