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 intrinsic motivation - inspirational

Millions of people around the world are looking for motivation to do something. They all crave energy, emotions, which they lack and therefore suffer. In all this, there are deep-rooted problems that no one has solved. And it's not the fault of the people themselves who can't do something, but of those who haven't seen that their brothers and sisters are in trouble.

intrinsic motivation - inspirational

Each of you, I appeal to you seekers, must understand that no one but you is able to give you what you want. In this world, only the strong win, and the weak die. But are you weak? If you are already here to deal with what makes you weak. Have you given up? If you're still looking for a way out, let it be this way.

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Don't listen to those who tell you that you are lazy. Do not listen to those who tell you that you are not doing anything. If all of this were really true, then you wouldn't be wasting your time on something that really gets you going and reading what I'm telling you.

In every person there is a spark that lights up at the right moment. It is not your problem that this moment has not come, but you need to find it. Any work can not cause you much zeal. But only one in a thousand jobs will truly ignite the fire of ideas you've been looking for. Spend time doing the things you want to do and don't deceive yourself and others.

intrinsic motivation - inspirational

Because each person has his own place, which, according to its biological purpose, will be able to reveal it as much as possible, like no other business. A musician is a musician because he is predisposed to it. A scientist is a scientist because he is predisposed to it. All of them get pleasure from their place. It is the will of nature.

So find your place, friends, and don't listen to the evil tongues that try to live out their lives with you. Listen to the inner call that has been telling you for many years through this world what you really want and do its will. The will of fate, predestined by nature.

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