what is self motivation

Let's try to understand this difficult question, which everyone who has tried to motivate themselves or others sooner or later asks themselves. Motivation is essentially a whole set of motives that, in turn, compel us to do something.

What is motivation?

These motives can be internal or external, and much depends on them. And as you can see, everyone has their own motives, since we are all individual. So, for example, if we want to motivate someone, we will have to look for some points of contact with the person.

what is self motivation

The appearance of these very motives depends on the needs and internal interests. To better understand the question of motivation, you can ask yourself the question: "Why am I doing this?” . And you can almost always answer it, so this answer is your motive for doing something. First of all, there is always a need, and then you decide how to satisfy this need.

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There are motives that are based on circumstances that compel you to do something no matter what. For example, you need to work to buy food, clothes,or pay for real estate-these motives are called extrinsivny.

And there are motives that arise inside you from any interests. For example, the desire to Express yourself in creativity, to create something, is not necessary in order to provide yourself with something necessary. Such motives are called intrinsivny and they bring the maximum benefit for the person in emotional and physical terms.

what is self motivation

Your success depends only on you and therefore, you need to work on your motivation. To successfully fulfill your goals you must regularly maintain yourself in a state of high motivation otherwise routine will eat you up and success will not be seen

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