Why don't we have fun?

 Why not be happy after achieving the goal

Often people who have chosen a certain landmark in life, after a while refuse, because they recognize the insignificance of some goals.

All these people suffer from the same thing. Today we will talk about this problem and why you should start looking at yourself in the first place if you lose the desire to do something.

Why not be happy after achieving the goal

For full disclosure of this topic, let's turn to an example, so that you can understand more clearly, because it is often examples that help explain to a person what you want to say. Let's take a man with a lumpy build who decided to lose weight and become normal.

What extremes do such people immediately throw themselves into? That's right, they stop eating. Moreover, they stop eating almost everything, limiting themselves only to vegetables and water.

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Why do they do this? They are overwhelmed by emotions, and as we know, emotions are the enemy of reason (unless they act together), so they start to go to extremes, without thinking about any of the actions.

And such a person says to himself: "I have to lose weight, so from this day on I do not eat sweets, flour, and now I also do not use fats." As you can see, a person thus plunges his body into an incredible stress, which is not necessary here at all.

To all this, he adds: "Now I have to pour cold water on myself every morning, as well as run 10 km a day. After all this, I go to work, and then to the gym and sit there until nightfall to get it all off me."

Why not be happy after achieving the goal

Of course, a person's eagerness to change himself for the better is worthy of respect, but it must be approached with intelligence. And such a person, completely exhausted by his actions, says to himself: "No, losing weight is not for me. I'm tired. When I was fat, I was happy, and now I am unhappy."

Remember that your consciousness depends a lot on what you are doing and where you are. You are reacting, and therefore you must be in an environment that does not contain various kinds of stimuli.

All the best to you and be always inspired by new goals. See you soon!

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