Why do we find deserted and lonely places attractive?

Introversion and openness, the truth of a relationship 

It doesn't matter if a person is an introvert or an extrovert, we are all happy to experience a little bit of solitude and silence from time to time. The fact that introverted people are usually looking for privacy, doesn't mean that extroverts don't have.

The fact that almost everyone feels an inner desire to be alone is sometimes an important indicator of one of our most important needs. Today we will talk about this need for solitude.

Why do we find deserted and lonely places attractive?

One day I found that I was walking on the beach thinking much more than usual. I suddenly realized that I was alone on this beach. I looked to my left and there was no one there. I looked to my right and it was empty.

Suddenly a strange sensation. I was alone. And that was a good thing. All my thoughts and troubles were suddenly gone. I was left with a melancholy mental state that filled me with peace and quiet.

Then I started thinking about all the thoughts that had been lost to me for years. It was one of the best experiences of my life. It was a day when I realized the importance of privacy and connection with nature.

Why do we find deserted and lonely places attractive?

It must have happened to you, too. On a cold winter day, have you ever found yourself in an empty Playground or abandoned yard? With the sun shaded and the air cool, it is one of the greatest sensations that anyone can feel and understand.

We love lonely places because they give us the opportunity to reflect on our lives in the silence of our own minds. It is easy to lose yourself when other people are around, but when you are alone, all space and time is at your disposal.

Achieving a higher understanding of life and ourselves is one of our greatest needs. The desert places give us a place to do this. This is why there is often something really appealing about lonely and deserted places. Ruins of an old castle or endless fields of wheat. 

Why do we find deserted and lonely places attractive?

It is in such places that you finally feel a certain detachment from the world around you. And I must say, we really need such experiences. It is so easy to lose yourself in the daily life of our society. These places give you the opportunity to find yourself again and breathe the fresh air of nature.

This does not mean that we should actively seek solitude. But it is important to understand the meaning of our inner need for solitude.

If you feed this inner desire, it will fly out into higher horizons of understanding.

That is where you will find your identity.

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