Are there "second halves"?

 what is the difference between love and addiction?

Every person has heard such a phrase as "second half". But only some of the people understood the innermost meaning of these two words. After all, we've all been in love at least once in our lives. Falling in love inspires a person, dissolves all bad things, and the whole world seems beautiful and delicious.

But why do only a few people go through their entire lives with this feeling and once they know a person, they don't look for a replacement? Why do they not even think that someone can be better and replace their beloved? In such couples, everything is easy and simple, without drama and manipulation. 

what is the difference between love and addiction?

They just meet each other one day and at that moment they realize that the whole world has changed. Feelings and attitudes have changed so much that it becomes clear that life will never be the same again. It was as if she had shared the moments before and after that fateful meeting.

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But there are also other examples from life, which unfortunately are the majority. Those who met and experienced certain feelings and sympathy took it for love, but after one of the days, months or years passed, they thought: "This is not what I was looking for!", "I live with a stranger who does not understand me!", "How can I say that I do not want more of this relationship?", "Why did she leave me, we were happy?" I think I've fallen in love with someone else, so what should I say to my wife now?" .

And there are many such examples. There are many days when people realized that their relationship does not have all the depth of feelings, that they do not satisfy them and that something goes wrong and they are not happy.

what is the difference between love and addiction?

This life experience is so bitter that someone says, " my heart is broken." And someone claims that it feels like all the bones are broken. After all, dreams did not come true, expectations were not fulfilled and everything went wrong according to plan. And then there are days, months, or even years of depression, lack of trust in the opposite sex, and in some particularly severe cases, even suicide.

And here the question arises: how to avoid all this? How not to live this bitter experience and not become a victim of a negative life scenario? People need to learn to distinguish love from attachment and the desire to possess the object of their feelings at all costs.

When truly kindred spirits meet, they do not have the question of communicating or not, or how to get attention to themselves, or what you can talk about and what you can not. There are no walls and barriers between them, they easily and simply understand and accept each other. No one is trying for anyone, there are no depressions, manipulations and all that makes a person unhappy and exhausted.

what is the difference between love and addiction?

The relationship between the second half from the first meeting is filled with kindness, ease, a desire to care, laugh and enjoy together, there is enough energy to negotiate with each other even in difficult life situations, while not losing mutual respect and devaluing each other. 

These people realize that the feelings they experience are special and incomparable, so light that any interaction only adds vitality and energy, but never takes them away.

And the main awareness that distinguishes these feelings and characterizes them as something special - the understanding that this has not happened to me yet! Since the forces and energy are not spent on clarifying relations and thoughts about the correctness or wrongness of their choice.

what is the difference between love and addiction?

It is easy and simple for the other halves to develop together, to help each other, because true love gives rise to a natural interest in the fact that the beloved or beloved has found the highest good and happiness. Sages say that such couples from life to life go together, reborn, meet again and again. After all, their souls do not agree to anything less than love.

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