become leaders! Leaders are born! how to become a leadership?

qualities leader! Do you have the innate qualities of a leader?

How long have you heard about leadership courses, or have you taken them yourself? They are everywhere now! Under the slogan: "leaders are not born, but leaders become", a thousand new courses are launched every year and hundreds of books are published. They say you can also become the one and start earning bags of gold.

All this is great, but it all works only if nature has put the necessary qualities in you, If you do not initially have this potential, then all the motivation, training, master classes will give you a charge only for a while. After that, there will again be a decline and in addition still an internal resentment against yourself, which does not work out.

become leaders! Leaders are born! how to become a leadership?

I think now many people would join me in a debate, saying that all this is nonsense, everyone can be who they want and including the leader. I don't dispute it, but will he get inner satisfaction from it, and in principle, will he be happy from it?

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And who is the leader – this is a person with a pronounced developed orange vector. He can quickly make decisions, take responsibility for the team, see opportunities, has multitasking, etc., but not all people are like this and not everyone is given it.

become leaders! Leaders are born! how to become a leadership?

Many people just don't have the same thinking function. No matter how many trainings they have completed, how many books they have read, or how many secret techniques they have mastered, the functionality of these tools will not change. 

They will not be able to become those who immediately pull out the necessary information from the huge information flow and give an answer, taking full responsibility for their actions, without excessive analysis and collecting additional data.

I don't mean to say that the rest of the people have "lost everything" and they will not be able to achieve anything in this life. They will be able to reach heights in what is peculiar to them, what nature has put in them.

become leaders! Leaders are born! how to become a leadership?

And the most cool thing is that they will get indescribable pleasure when they begin to realize themselves in their values, and not in conventional ones. When they understand that they should not be like others, like the standards and ideals imposed by public opinion. That it is enough just to be yourself and do what your heart is set on.

Then they will stop chasing after external circumstances and benefits, and stop for a second and listen to themselves. That is why it is so important to begin to understand yourself and finally understand what is ours in us, and what is an Intrusive husk that has nothing to do with us.

We came here in the first place, to be happy! Therefore, friends, let's make not a generation of rich people, but a generation of happy people!

And we will definitely succeed, I found out)!

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