being grateful! GRATITUDE is the key to a happy life

success and harmonious relationships! gratitude is a must

Did you know that the feeling and words of gratitude are a very powerful tool that creates and attracts good things into your life, helping to fulfill your desires? Gratitude fills a person with strength, charges with a great mood, and even restores health.

How does this happen, you may ask? This question has even been asked by scientists for many years. And we were able to prove this by conducting experiments on programming water. Back in 1999, S. V. Zenin defended his dissertation on the memory of water. Later, Japanese scientists continued his research.

success and harmonious relationships! gratitude is a must

As a result, they revealed the amazing properties of the words: "love and gratitude." It turned out that the sound vibration of these words most strongly structures and purifies water.

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Very often people forget to thank you, or do it very rarely, and even in silence. Thinking that other people already see their love and gratitude in their actions, somehow guess or read their thoughts, so there is no need to talk about it again.

But this is a very big omission.

You need to Express words of love and gratitude out loud! After all, every day in the present we create our own future...their future States and events. And each word supported by joyful emotions is a certain vibration, a vibration of creative frequencies...they were affected by water in a restorative and structuring manner in the experiments described above.

But people are almost 80% made up of it!

success and harmonious relationships! gratitude is a must

And by purifying ourselves, setting ourselves and others in a different mood in the present, being filled with positive emotions and a charge of energy, we can use these States to program our future favorable events.

Our desires come true when our feelings and thoughts about the desire are in full accordance with it. That is, in a state of discontent, anger, lack, dissatisfaction, depression and other feelings that destroy everything good in a person's life, it is impossible to get the desired satisfying result. 

Being in feelings of love, happiness and gratitude and focusing on your goals (about this in the article:), you can quickly and easily attract into your life the desired events, things, opportunities, people and everything that we want!

The feeling of gratitude is another key to a happy and harmonious life for you. And if you can be sincerely grateful every day for everything that you already have here and now, Express it publicly...then each time you will attract more and more opportunities for development and fulfillment of your desires, and you will begin to feel happier, more confident and filled with the power to create your own great and interesting life.

success and harmonious relationships! gratitude is a must

Thank your loved ones, your favorite city, yourself, and the world around you even for small honest and sincere! And you will suddenly see how your relationships with others will improve, and how extremely caring, grateful, generous and amazing the world will turn out for you.

Go ahead, you will succeed! I found out;

The blessing I Give you, because you are with me;

Friends, I tried very hard in writing this article, so I would appreciate it if you can thank me with a like.

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