Compliments: How to win over any person?

Compliments - best compliments

Compliments are one of the most important and effective tools that help you win people over and build harmonious, warm and trusting relationships with people around you. In this article, I will tell you how easy and simple it is to say, and most importantly to come up with compliments that will please your opponent and make a very pleasant impression on him.

Compliments: How to win over any person?

Many people think that only girls like compliments, but this is not true. Men also do not even mind hearing praise in their address. And the tool that I will share with you works equally well for any person, regardless of gender.

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Perhaps you want to learn how to communicate. You want to start a conversation easily and easily with anyone, so that these people listen to you, and are friendly and trusting. Or perhaps you want to make an impression on the person you like and set them up favorably to you at the beginning of the conversation. 

But how do you do this if you are very worried and literally can not utter a word, and you still need to say something "in the theme"? All this can be achieved by a compliment! A simple compliment to a person will endear them to you and make your communication easy and relaxed.

How do I come up with a compliment? Elementary, My Dear Watson. And everything seems to be simple, but how to say, or rather, come up with a compliment that will hit the mark? How do I make sure that this person likes it and doesn't sound vulgar, incorrect, and, moreover, offensive?

Compliments: How to win over any person?

- First, for a person, the most favorite and pleasant word that he is ready to listen to day and night is his name. Therefore, start any compliment with the name (if of course you know it).

"Second, look carefully at the person before you say anything to them. Notice the most striking and effective thing (what your eyes will fall on) or that thing that stands out in the entire wardrobe. For example: girls often have some kind of accessories-a tied scarf, a bright brooch, a pendant or something like that.

For men, the same thing is quite simple. They can be complimented about the thing that is the most expensive-a watch, wallet, phone or any accessory that shows its status. And now you have noticed something that stands out on a person, what can I say about it now? And you need to say a General vague phrase that does not indicate the specific qualities of something.

For example:

- Alyona, your brooch is just amazing;

- Alexey, you have a very interesting watch;

- Tatiana, I just can't take my eyes off your bracelet, etc.

Compliments: How to win over any person?

But what if a person has nothing special, if he does not have something special in his wardrobe or accessories that immediately catches the eye? In such cases just say an even more streamlined phrase:

"You look so amazing today»;

"I feel a surge of energy around you»;

- "It seems to me that you fill this room with light and kindness," etc.

Why do you need to say streamlined phrases without specifics and nuances?

Then, so as not to offend the person if you make a mistake and in fact this thing is not what you described it. But more importantly, whatever you don't say, the person will come up with it himself! It is as if you gave him a book with all the compliments of the world, giving him to choose the most liked version. 

In a compliment addressed to Alena (see above), she can draw the following conclusion: "Probably, he said a compliment, since he knows that the brooch is very expensive." So, if you give a girl a "streamlined" compliment about the color of the blouse, then she can think for herself: "he saw that I chose it correctly with the color of shoes." That is, the person will choose the compliment that he most wanted to hear. And he will hear it from you, although in fact you will not even voice it!


But remember that in no case should you say compliments that are obviously untrue and false. If a person looks really bad, and you compliment him that he looks good today - this will definitely be clear. As a result, the person will immediately be negative towards you, since you tried to deceive them.

Compliments: How to win over any person?

Friends, pay compliments to people more often! Whether you will use my methods, or use some of your proven methods-it does not matter. Most importantly, don't be shy. Make people feel good, and they will return the favor!

Go for it! You will succeed, I have found out;

P.S. after Reading this article, you agree to compliment the first person you see today)

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