Everyone around you offends you? Haunted by bad luck?

 How to get out of the victim's state and get rid of abusers and problems?

Everyone in this world wants to be happy. But for some reason, someone succeeds and goes through life winning, and someone constantly only does that complaining about life. And it is not at all groundless, but precisely because there is really not enough joy. What is the secret and why is such a huge gap separating these two types of people!? And how do you go from being a victim to being a winner?

First, we need to understand this question: what exactly is there in the victim state that makes some people stay in it for years and decades? It's very simple!

Everyone around you offends you? Haunted by bad luck?

1. Victims never take responsibility for themselves! They have to blame anyone: the past, the relatives, the confluence of circumstances, the government, but they are not. And in General, their lives are governed by some unknown force, which they only obey out of desperation. 

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The leader is aware that he is responsible for his life and for every choice he makes. He doesn't blame anyone, not even himself! After all, such a person understands that the feeling of guilt does not help to cope with the problem, but only worsens and destroys all the good that could have been.

2. Victims constantly complain attracting attention to themselves. But this is not a complaint to solve the problem, but a desire that they just feel sorry for them. If the victim is given good advice, they will not take it, because they do not have a goal to solve the problem. 

Everyone around you offends you? Haunted by bad luck?

Her goal is to complain, and thereby get a portion of attention. Leaders also discuss problems and actions that need to be taken to solve them. Without adding too much sentiment to the process, let alone moaning about how bad things are.

3. Another one of the characteristics of the victim - inaction! After all, if the current circumstances do not depend on the victim and the person does not consider himself the Creator of his life, then attempts to change the situation for the better do not make sense. A good position to do nothing!

4. Tormented, the victim is aware of their exclusivity. Such people often sacrifice themselves for the love of their children or their husband, or for relationships that are inherently bound to be painful and frustrating. And all this in order to raise its importance! “After all, I do so much for you, and nothing in return!” - they say, not realizing that no one wants victims. No one wants to see an unhappy person around them

Everyone around you offends you? Haunted by bad luck?

Why are people afraid to come out of the victim's state? Because then you will have to really change something in your life! Environment, work, appearance! Happy people have all this of a different level and quality! Such a person no longer knows how to live without suffering. And only when they reach a dead end, when nothing helps, they begin to develop and act.

To get out of the victim's state, first of all, we need to realize that we create our own life. We ourselves, with our thoughts, beliefs, and actions, have drawn into our lives what we have in the present. And if the result does not satisfy us, we can change everything with our own actions, thoughts and decisions here (and read exactly how to change it in the following articles).

Go ahead, you will succeed! I found out;

The blessing I Give you, because you are with me;

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