fact and opinion - How do other people's advice ruin our lives?

Opinion or fact - advice for best friend

The other day I encountered such a situation. I came up with a good (in my opinion) "business idea" and I hastened to share it with one of my friends. He listened to me, and then laid out his reasons for this issue. They all came down to the fact that the topic is irrelevant, not promising, etc., etc.

I was a little upset at first, but then I remembered that it was just an opinion. Yes, a person close to me, but everything is exactly just an opinion! If I hadn't realized this, I would have almost immediately killed the good idea at the very start.

fact and opinion - How do other people's advice ruin our lives?

Yes, if my friend had experience in a similar endeavor. He would go through it and then draw conclusions, then it might look like a fact. But it wasn't like that, someone told him something about it, and he just believed it.

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This happens very often and in all sorts of areas of our lives. We operate with opinions, and with someone else's, and not with real facts.

What is a fact?

A bottle of water on the table is a fact; it snows in winter in Russia - it's a fact; Smoking worsens your health-it's also a fact! But the fact that the apartment that you buy will rise in price is an opinion; that this girl will never agree to meet you is an opinion; living abroad is better than in your country is also an opinion!

And the more actions we take based on such opinions, the more negative things happen in our life, or Vice versa, nothing happens. And there could be changes for the better. Let's analyze the example with a realtor:

You have bought an apartment (invested your money). The realtor said: "The deal is very profitable, next year prices in this area will soar, and you will be in a big plus" - this is an opinion, but the fact that you pay a loan for it every month is a fact!

fact and opinion - How do other people's advice ruin our lives?

Perhaps this opinion is justified and prices will actually rise. It is possible that everything will be fine, but it is possible that this will not happen and you will not make a profit. And if you have already spent it in your thoughts, it will be even sadder!

Of course, it is very difficult to operate only with facts in life, and there is a great temptation to be influenced by someone's advice. But if you are doing this, then listen to the opinion of competent people in this field.

If you need advice on tailoring, ask your tailor for it. Learn how to plant grain from an agronomist, and how to start your own business - from someone who has already opened one.

fact and opinion - How do other people's advice ruin our lives?

Of course, this now seems trivial to you. We understand all this when we read it, but in real life we often do the opposite. Often we go with questions: "How to open your own business?" - to "uncle Peta", who has never done anything like this in his life. Or we decide where to invest our money based on the opinions of our neighbors!!!

Friends, I wish you more facts and competent decisions in your life, and if you meet opinions and advice, then let them be from the most competent people in these matters!

Go for it! You will succeed, I have found out ;

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