get out of your comfort zone

 get out of your comfort zone -  Why do you need to get out of your comfort zone right now?

Just recently, I came across a very interesting parable about "normal" life.

What does "normal" life mean? This is when you have a permanent job and you are comfortable there, pay a little, like there is career growth (but this is not accurate), not far from home (even a car is not needed or you can get there by minibus in two stops). Family, children go to kindergarten, but the older one will soon go to the first grade. Well, in General, we live normally, we do not complain.

get out of your comfort zone - Why do you need to get out of your comfort zone right now?

It turns out just like in the parable: the frog lived-lived in a pond, it was good. Until the sun began to gradually warm this pond. The frog was comfortable, but what else did it need? To hot water (imagine hot water, for example, as another loan) she gradually gets used to it.

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the flies fall to the surface of the water, which means that there is food! "That's great! I'll never leave this pond, I'm very happy here!» - thought the frog. Before she even knew it, the merciless sun had boiled the water and turned the pond into soup with frog broth!

get out of your comfort zone

Now look, does that remind You of anything?" It's just like in real life! You seem to live steadily, there is a "normal" job in which you are waiting for some kind of promotion, and you are replaced and put in a high position by some "friend" who just finished University (and then maybe did not finish anything) and is half your Junior.

So what's the point: The comfort zone is very dangerous and treacherous! It is very bad to get stuck in it, if you live an ordinary life, afraid to start acting. Ie, the comfort zone is resistance. And what is resistance, I wrote in an early article article.

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