how to choose our goal?

 How do I select a goal?

Our life is filled with many desires that we would like to fulfill, but because of the routine of days and laziness, and as a result of this lack of free time, many of our desires remain dreams. But if you still decide to make your dreams come true, then setting and achieving goals is the very method of fulfilling your wishes.

how to choose our goal?

The only point is that we want to achieve everything at once, which is possible only in our imagination, but in reality, achieving our goals requires a clear plan and time to implement it, so let's start with how to choose the goal, the achievement of which will bring maximum pleasure in emotional and material terms.

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types of goals: 

There are four types of goals:

1) short-Term - from 1 day to several months

These can include: going to the cinema/theater, going to another city, jumping out of a parachute, finding a soul mate, organizing an event, going to a Spa, etc.

2) medium-Term - from 3 months to 3 years

These are goals such as: losing or gaining weight, learning to dance or play a musical instrument, learning a foreign language, starting to travel the world, starting a family, having a child, saving for a car, reaching a new level of income, repairing an apartment, etc.

3) long-Term - from 3 to 13 years

These goals can include: buying an apartment/house, paying a mortgage and car loan, creating and scaling your business, raising and raising children, finding your life's work, becoming a famous person/blogger, etc.

4) the Purpose of life - formed by the attraction of our entire life

how to choose our goal?

The goal of life can often change, depending on the living conditions and our aspirations, or not be formed at all (all due to the routine of days and laziness), and can consist of several different goals, for example, the classic version is: plant a tree, build/buy a house/apartment, raise a daughter/son, live in a comfortable affluence, or pass away at the age of 101 in his huge mansion in Bali, having lived a happy and full life.

But how do I choose a target?

There is a solution! We make a list of our desires for the long term, calculate how much it is really possible to implement and what you need to do for this, based on this, you will form a list of medium-term goals for achieving which you will make a list of short-term goals, that's it!

And do not be afraid to make a mistake in choosing a goal, even if it turns out to be wrong for you in the end, you will get a huge experience and a lot of adventures that will help in forming and achieving the main goal of your life!

And the most important rule is that reach their goal, You should take a small step towards it, but every day, not only in your thoughts, but also in your deeds!

how to choose our goal?

If you do not know what goal to choose and where to start, and long-term goals can remain only in your head, then start with yourself: go in for sports, learn something new (for example, learn a foreign language), become a professional in your business, make a profitable business out of your hobby, start traveling, create your family!

And then everything will apply itself, the main thing is to act persistently and boldly, and it will all be chocolate, not immediately, but it will be, everything is in our hands and feet!

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