how to make a wish come true

how to make wishes come true

We all believe in a fairy tale. And this we can not take away, but few people know, that if you make a wish correctly, it will definitely come true. And you don't have to wait for the new year. Make wishes, the more the better, The only condition is to guess them correctly. I want to tell you a few rules on how to make wishes correctly.

how to make a wish come true


The desire must be clearly formulated.

You must want it from the bottom of your heart, without regard to the impossibility and not just because it is impossible. unprofitability. Remember or write it down - nothing impossible.


Formulate your desire in the present tense.

Imagine that it has already come true. Don't tell me - I want a house, a car, money. And say-I HAVE a CAR, I EARN 100,000, I HAVE a HOUSE!


Do not limit the terms of your desire. Everything has to be reasonable.

If you wish that tomorrow you will have a cool car, and his suddenly tomorrow, if it doesn't, you will think that nothing works and stop wanting, and it doesn't right.

how to make a wish come true


Forget all the words that carry a negative connotation and about "not".

"I want to lose weight" is a terrible phrase. Or "I don't want to be a pumpernickel", This is no good. It is necessary to say: "I am light" "I am slender"


The desire to only relate to you personally.

Not your husband or wife, not your child, not your parents, but you. Not "My child is obedient and smart", but "I feel joy and pride for your baby!" The universe is vast and full of resources. And she is ready to help you. Only

ask correctly, Wish a lot and correctly and you will succeed. Desire as much as possible. The more you want, the more you will get.