If you don't act, you won't succeed

motivation psychology - If you don't act, you won't succeed

Greetings, my Dear subscribers and guests of my channel! Today I would like to devote an article to a very important topic concerning each person. There aren't any people she hasn't touched. "What is it?» - you ask, and this is nothing but "resistance". You will find out what this means as you read. I will try to cover this topic as briefly and comfortably as possible.

If you don't act, you won't succeed

This term can be understood in various ways. In fact, it is universal and can be applied anywhere. But if we're talking about psychology and motivation, then let's get started!

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If you think about it, we live two lives. The first is this life that we are living now, and the second is this life that we could live as we want. To have a happy family, a lot of money, a dream job. I.e. we live both that and that life. Someone remains to live in their best side, and someone does not even think that it is possible to live better. Now, there is an invisible boundary between these two lives, and the invisible force is resistance.

That's what resistance is all about:

this is when you started learning another language and dropped out. When I set out to gain muscle mass or lose a couple of kilos of extra weight by the summer and gave up on this idea in the first stages, or even in the middle. This is when you started your own business and gave it up. 

When a guy became crippled for some reason and was saved by doctors and he only had to rehabilitate himself to be as before, but he gives up and keeps complaining and blaming the doctors for not giving him a magic healing "pill".!There are many examples of this.

If you don't act, you won't succeed

In simple terms, resistance is the most toxic and negative energy on our planet. This is the root of poverty and disease. If this power was not there, then everyone would be geniuses, like Leonardo da Vinci. Billions of people give up before this force, not withstanding its onslaught.

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Trust me and do what I tell you. You can speak softly. Put your hand on your heart now.

Repeat after me:

I am absolutely and completely committed to going my own way;

I am fully committed to doing everything I can to change my life for the better;

No matter how long it takes me;

Regardless of the obstacles and resistance that stand in my way;

Regardless of the doubts that pop up in my head;

Because it's now or never. It's now or never.

How do you feel?" Great, isn't it? You did the exercise, didn't you? Well done! You will feel even better when you find your strengths, and knowing about the enemy (resistance), you will win.

"Whoever knows himself and knows the enemy will win every battle!»

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