Is it good when the goal disappears?

Is it good when the goal disappears?

Every year, thousands of people experience problems with a lack of goals in life. All their problems are caused by different factors, but they are the same in nature. Today we will touch on a topic that can be discussed for hours, but because of its urgency, no one ever comes down for a solution these days.

Is it good when the goal disappears?

In previous articles, we talked about the fact that man is a huge tool created for and working according to the laws of nature. If you disrupt its work, namely by switching the main goals and tasks to more self-serving ones, then be sure that the problems will not be long in coming.

This is a certain system of regulation, in which a person moves along the rails of history directly to his fate and does not think about anything. But if you pull him out of his own environment, then he will certainly begin to experience problems of a mental nature.

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The whole problem with people who look up too often and wonder about the meaning of life is that none of them want to look into themselves.

You are part of this vast system. It is not necessary to deceive yourself and recognize a separate individualistic being from society, which can exist for a long time without society.

Is it good when the goal disappears?

There was not a single person on Earth who, having become a hermit, was able to return as a human being. Remember that you are a very fine-tuning tool. Every breath of the medium, and you change.

But do not think that if the piano suddenly starts playing like a violin, then it is good. On the contrary, this is only a bad sign, because the piano was not created for this purpose.

You don't have to be afraid that you don't have freedom. Freedom is a way of manipulating people. In fact, if we understand the nature of man, we can conclude that he acts according to the processes that occur in him, which in turn depend on external processes.

At the same time, I do not say that we should be in favor of various kinds of dictatorship. I just want to say that everyone has their own path and vocation in life and there are people who do not have all this.

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