life manage and achieve your goals - The Director or the puppet?

how to manage your life and achieve your goals?

One of the most important things that allows you to learn how to manage the course of your life, achieve your goals, get out of problem situations and build your dream life day by day is to understand that the world is just a mirror reflecting you.

Everything that you have in your life is the result of your previous actions and past choices. And here and now you can begin to shape your new and happy life, which will become so irrevocably when you decide to become a player, not a puppet toy.

life manage and achieve your goals - The Director or the puppet?

All our thoughts, fears, doubts, sensations and feelings - they are the ones that shape the reality around you and attract the events, people, and life scenarios that correspond to them into your life. Awareness and acceptance of this fact will start the process of changing your thinking and your irreversible transformation into a harmonious, successful and happy person.

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Why is this so important?!

Because as long as you believe that politicians, bosses, lunar cycles or parents spoil your life and do not allow you to develop, grow - you will not be able to influence anything. After all, the levers of control of your life are voluntarily given into the hands of external circumstances! Therefore, it turns out that someone else manages your life and gets what he needs from it.

Have the courage to take responsibility for your own life - because it is Yours and no one else's! Start changing it for yourself and for yourself. After all, the only goal of a person on this earth is to be happy! And everything else (work, ambition, resentment, universal hunger, etc.) is already secondary!

life manage and achieve your goals - The Director or the puppet?

Well you accepted that everything that I have in my life, all the negativity and inhibiting circumstances - all your "hands" deal. Congratulations, you have done very well, and you have already done a lot! The main thing is not to blame yourself and think that you are an unpleasant person who spoils your life (as I did), this will lead you into an even bigger hole.

Mentally (or out loud) ask for forgiveness and forgive everyone, including yourself, for all the negativity you are currently experiencing.

And then just sit down and reflect, realize what exactly you want - without relying on the advice of your family, colleagues, advertising, or average desires. Understand what you really want and write down what your dream life will look like (imagine your perfect day) or what you want to change in your life, what aspect you want to improve.

life manage and achieve your goals - The Director or the puppet?

Write it all down in the present tense and concentrate on each point of desire for at least a minute, without being distracted by anything. Feel that this is happening to you already here and now, feel happiness and positive emotions. 

Anchor this goal in your life, do it every is better to sleep immediately or before going to bed. Very quickly, you will be attracted to opportunities, people and events that help you achieve this goal in the shortest possible time.

If, when you made a wish , you felt inner discomfort, doubt, fear and other negative feelings...that is, there is a possibility that this is either not your desire, or there are internal restrictions, beliefs that prevent it from being realized, blocking you from any opportunities and ways to implement it.

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