3 Main planning rules

planning rules

Hi, I want to share with you the basic laws and elements of an effective planning system. I am sure that she will help you in all your good deeds. And so, remember and write down the 3 main rules.

Main planning rules

1. Law of planning-before planning, remember your goal!

Before you plan, be sure to remember your goal. To plan, you must always think and remember your goal. After all, you are constantly doing a lot of different things and do not even think about whether these actions lead to achieving your goal?

2. law of planning: Do three things in the morning that will move you toward your goal.

Brian Tracy in his books has often said that the frog should be eaten in the morning. What is a frog? - these are exactly the actions that are aimed at achieving your MAIN, MAIN GOAL. The goal: one that can't be achieved immediately. It could be anything;

- Earn a million

-Become a famous sportsman/blogger, etc

-Learn a foreign language.

In short, these should be the goals that you need to step up and step up to for a long time and diligently. Therefore, - be SURE to plan 3 actions that will lead you to the goal.

3. law of planning: Control.

The law is very simple and requires control. What does control mean? You sit down at the end of the day and analyze your day, week, and month. Without analysis, your movement will be chaotic and unclear. Next, you allocate 20% of the effort that gives you 80% of the result. 

Main planning rules

You will immediately notice the same 20% effort that gave you 80% of the result. Be sure to allocate the same 20% for yourself and do it every day. You can start right now, you can write a plan of your actions directly in the comment.

For example:

If you want to learn a foreign language, be sure to take it right now and write it:

My plan is to learn 10 foreign words in the morning. Never give yourself the opportunity to miss one of the main actions leading to the achievement of the goal. It's better to do less, but don't skip it.

There is a rather bearded Chinese proverb:

"The journey of a thousand Li begins with the first step."

The article concludes with a quote from "the Master and Margarita"

" Be careful with your wishes — they tend to come true»

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