motivation to get started - Motivation to start doing something

 motivation gets you started

Everyone has suffered at least once in their life because they did not want to start working. Sometimes, a person even at the very word "work" begins to get bored and tired. Of course, this is not to blame, but rather to understand and help.

motivation gets you started

Today we will give you the motivation to do something because one thing is for sure: he always tried to go progress and you know about it.

Some of you, I think, have already guessed what we are talking about. Progress has always been made where there was competition. Maybe someone didn't notice it from the other person's side, but that other person was preparing and even more so that in one moment they would become better than you.

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But how do such people achieve success? Why are there people who know or have certain skills better than the other 90% of the population or group?

It's all about work.

Constant work will certainly lead you to the desired result, and then to further barriers that you will have to overcome. Struggle and purpose, competition and an unquenchable sense of winning ourselves-that's what makes us better.

motivation gets you started

Start today. Do at least a little work that will only move you 1% closer to your desires. Go to this goal. Follow 1%, which will not take you any time. It can be 1 minute, or 30 or 60 minutes. the Main thing here is to go to your goal and do it effectively. Make every minute of your work effective and you will get closer to your goal much faster.

1% invested today in yourself, will turn out to be 30 percent in a few days of training and will elevate you above others. You did, and they didn't. That's why you will win. Because the very fact that you worked already moves you up. Higher and higher to your goal

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