motivation happiness, Motivation through happiness

Motivation through happiness, Is it possible?

Almost every person on our planet strives for happiness. And everyone's understanding of happiness is a separate topic. But is it possible to motivate yourself by feeling happy? Of course Yes. But the main motivator will not be happiness itself, but the desire to repeat happy moments and make more new reasons to be a happy person.

Motivation through happiness, Is it possible?

However, it is necessary to understand that happiness does not lie in the material state in the first place. Many in the pursuit of happiness only indulge their cravings for something. You can not do this, happiness is primarily in the people who surround you, in your family, in the absence of health problems for your loved ones and, accordingly, in the absence of material problems for them.

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Happiness is the process of your self-development and self-improvement. Since, a difficult passed stage in life brings you much more happiness than some small fulfilled whim.

Continuous improvement can lead us to both positive and negative things. But if you persistently endure all the negative sides, you get a lot of pride in yourself and as a result, happiness and joy.

Motivation through happiness, Is it possible?

Happiness is not a trophy that we get for the hardships we have endured. Happiness is the state we enter on our way to this trophy. That is why it always seems fleeting to a person. Therefore, it is so important never to stop on what has been achieved, but to constantly move forward, setting new goals for yourself.

Thus, you can use your desire to return to happy moments as a huge incentive to achieve your goals. After all, when we can contemplate, for example, how our child grows and develops and gets everything that he needs for development – this is happiness. This is the best motivation for any person!

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