Motivation to go further

There is an opinion that a person has no choice. No choice, no freedom, just like everyone else. This view of the world is called determinism. Perhaps some of you are familiar with it. Today, our goal will be to voice the main position of determinism, as well as to analyze the question of why we should not give up, despite the fact that everything has already happened.

Motivation to go further

Let's start, as I said, with a brief explanation of determinism. I would also like to note that if you are interested in this topic, then you should get to know it better.

Its essence is simple - all the processes that have occurred, are occurring and will continue to occur in the system of the universe (including man) can be calculated from and to and, thereby, prove their sequence and cause-effect relationship.

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Many people, having heard this idea, accept it all in such a way that the fate of man and humanity is a path along the rails, each descent from which is a movement along these rails. On the basis of this, some believe that now there is no need to do anything. Nothing depends on us, so we can just relax and enjoy the flow of selfish individualism.

However, this opinion is absolutely wrong. It is worth noting that everything has a goal always and everywhere, if we look at the system from the angle of determinism. A person, for example, would not have made a choice if something had not happened that subsequently influenced the person's choice, respectively.

Motivation to go further

That is, if you are driving on rails, it does not mean that your path does not have any meaning. Perhaps this whole thing has a larger meaning that we don't yet know.

But even now we can say that the meaning of a person's life lies in the person himself. Man is an eternally advancing Creator who must create and create. If we fall into the abyss into which society is descending now, we will only lose ourselves.

Until new meetings, friends and remember that the world is subject to us.

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