How to move out of the circles of samsara to the live your dreams?

move out to live their dreams

Have you ever thought about how travel affects your inner transformation? About the fact that a person can develop and reveal the qualities of his character in the shortest possible time when traveling! There is even such a phrase: "No one returns from their travels the same."

After all, going on the road, we leave our comfort zone and enter a previously unknown world. And what exactly it contains depends on the inner state of the person. It depends on how much the traveler trusts the world and believes that everything around helps him. That people and events are set up to help, not hurt or cause pain.

How to move out of the circles of samsara to the live your dreams?

Recently I noticed such an interesting phenomenon. When I go on a journey, I meet people like those I have just left. They are similar in character, vision of the world, they have similar destinies. And for me, it is not a question of how to communicate with them. 

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I can already feel what I should expect from this or that person. After this realization, I wondered: why does this happen? What is the root cause of this phenomenon? And the answer came to me!

Ancient sages called this phenomenon the wheel of samsara or karma. All people on earth pass the lessons of fate, after which their consciousness is transformed and they go to a new level of development. But the difference is that everyone goes through these lessons at different speeds.

How to move out of the circles of samsara to the live your dreams?

Those who realize that there is no good or bad, and learn, raise their awareness in any life situation, pass the tests quickly and their life becomes different - more perfect. 

Those who do not understand what life teaches them are doomed to go through the same experience many times - as they say, to step on the same rake. After all, we often find ourselves thinking: "This has happened to me before," "this or that has happened to me before," "this person I've met before."

How can this circle be broken? How to leave a continuous series of repeating time after time the bitter experience? There are many practices that help you get rid of negative karmic connections and get rid of them.

One of them is to review our relationships with people, events, and phenomena that we encounter on our way. Revision helps us understand why something happened to us. And what lesson should we learn from this situation? And then this practice helps to remove and transform all the negativity that connects us with this phenomenon, into the power and energy to realize our real desires and dreams.

How to move out of the circles of samsara to the live your dreams?

This process of deep inner transformation includes forgiveness and acceptance, gratitude for the experience, as well as the dissolution of all negative things between the person and all the phenomena, energies and people with whom he was connected by past negative experiences. 

After all, it is often it that prevents you from escaping from the repeated scenarios of life, stagnation, failure and being fully realized, reaching the heights of success and winning what the heart really wants.

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