problem solving steps

 problem solving techniques - How easy is it to cope with the most difficult situations in life?

It is always necessary to understand that in any seemingly difficult task:

1. There is a perfect solution. No matter what impossible task you have in front of you, it can be easily and quickly solved, the main thing is not to approach it trivially, for example through TRIZ.

2. You already have all the resources and abilities. You have everything you need at your disposal and at your disposal to implement the perfect solution. But first it is necessary to consider the state in which a person can approach the solution of a question that has arisen for him:

problem solving steps

State 0 is a Problem that is pointless to deal with.

Let's say that a person has a health problem, a relationship with the opposite sex, or an increase in their financial situation. It doesn't even try to solve these issues. His thoughts are in this state: "Why? After all, it's still useless!".

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State 1 is a scary, unpleasant problem that has no solutions.

In this situation, a person grabs his head with the words: "my business or relationship is in trouble," - in fact, he does not have a problem, but an inventive task, in relation to which he is in state 1. If a person is afraid of something, feels anger or other negative emotions, then they will not see the answer. 

He will say that I have a terrible problem and there is no way to solve it. Although this is only his state in relation to this situation. After all, somewhere in the world, exactly the same questions are being solved by other people every minute, but they are in a different state

problem solving steps

State 2 is an ordinary problem that has only standard solutions.

A person would like to earn more money and on this issue, he will offer a number of standard commonly accepted solutions, but since these opportunities are not quite suitable for him, and the person does not really want to do this, and accordingly, nothing happens for him. This is just his state of mind in relation to the task at hand!

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If something doesn't work out for you, remember that you just need to change your state of mind to address the issue that has arisen.

State 3 is an interesting problem with a number of interesting solutions.

A person is interested in doing this, he is inspired. He immediately sees several interesting solutions that can give a very good result, although this task is quite difficult to solve.

problem solving steps

State 5 is a fascinating problem with many bright solutions.

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In this state, a person can easily find the ideal solution that will simply solve the problem, perhaps not only for him, but for all people who may also face it in the future

State 20 is an incredible game that has a limitless variety of ingenious solutions.

This condition can lead you to find not just an ideal, but a truly brilliant solution that can completely change the attitude of people to this issue.

Given example:

Mom goes to work every day and asks her son to wash the dishes. How does a guy solve this problem, based on his condition in relation to it:

State 0 - he hates washing dishes and doesn't do it. After all, it will get dirty again. He thinks: "As much as possible, every day the same thing - this "freaking" dishes." As a result, everyday conflicts with the mother about this.

problem solving steps

Condition 1 - again this tableware!!! You can never get rid of it, even if you stop eating altogether. The boy sometimes washes, sometimes not, because of which quarrels with his mother occur quite often.

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State 2 - reluctantly washes dishes, only when told. It doesn't always do this efficiently. If not reminded, it will remain dirty in the sink.

Condition 3-washes well, no reminders. For this, she often receives praise from her mother, all sorts of nice bonuses or extra pocket money.

State 5-exceeds the task. In addition to dishes, she cleans the entire kitchen, which always causes a genuine delight for the mother. She tries in every way to encourage him for this as soon as possible, the soul does not see in her child.

problem solving steps

State 20-one, two, three. Having completed the task from state 5, the guy understands that if he earns money (fortunately now there are such opportunities on the Internet), then I can buy a dishwasher. Within 1-2 months, it does this and thus solves the problem of washing dishes once and for all for all members of your family

After all, it often happens that one person is in a state of 0-1-2 and he can do nothing with the current situation (he does not use all the resources of his intelligence). At the same time, the other person to the same task is in a 3-5-20 state. In such States, he easily and enthusiastically solves this question.

We must understand that the solution of the problem always depends on the state of the person in relation to this task. And this has nothing to do with his intelligence and IQ

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