stand out from the crowd

 It's not bad to stand out from the crowd

Often people are deprived of confidence, calling them "white crow", I offer to your attention a rather funny story, why it is not bad to stand out from the crowd. An ordinary black crow entered the restaurant and immediately noticed a white crow sitting in the corner. She went to the counter, picked up her purse, and shouted defiantly:

"Waiter! I buy food for everyone in the restaurant except for this one white crow!»

The waiter took the money and distributed the food to everyone except the white crow. However, instead of feeling awkward, the white crow just looked at an ordinary black crow, smiled and called out: "Thank you!»

stand out from the crowd

This angered the black crow even more. Then, she took out her purse again and shouted:

"Waiter! This time I'll treat everyone to wine, except this white crow!»

And so, the waiter took the money and began to distribute wine to everyone, except the white crow. But instead of getting angry, the white crow called out again: "Thank you !»

The black crow, enraged with anger, leaned over the bar and asked: "What's wrong with this white crow? I bought everyone food and wine in this restaurant except her, and she shouts to me, " Thank you!» What is she, crazy???»

The waiter grinned and said:

"No... it's just the owner of this restaurant".

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