suffering and working hard to achieve your goals

 achieve your goals takes suffering and hard work

Some people assume that knowing what they want in life - and a deep desire for it-can make them do difficult things. Achieving your goals or realizing your dreams requires a certain level of struggle, which many do not understand when they decide to perform these tasks.

This goes against their inner desire to feel comfortable, and it creates the greatest enemy they have to face. This path is dangerous, and our mind struggles with the idea of hard work and struggle because it wants to stay within its comfort zone.

achieve your goals takes suffering and hard work

Once upon a time, my friend found it difficult without the skill to make an effort to achieve something. He just wasn't used to fighting, and he wanted everything ready. On the other hand, he also couldn't get rid of his dreams and big ideas. I once told him something that changed his worldview forever.

I simply told him that suffering pain is unavoidable in life. We can't run away from it. She will always find us. If we do not suffer from hard work, we will have to suffer much more in the future because of our laziness.

This may sound like an overly General argument, but it's not just about great results in life. Let's present this decision with practical circumstances. Imagine that you want to get a job teaching a foreign language at an Institute or school. You know you need this job. To get it, you need to study hard for the next 6 months.

achieve your goals takes suffering and hard work

If he is lazy, then you will lose 6 months of life and will not be able to get a job. In this scenario, you have replaced the difficulties of diligent learning over a long period of time with the irreversible fact of rejection. Moreover, you will be in a lot of trouble because you need a job. 

Don't choose between hard work today and hard work tomorrow. Obviously, one is preferable to the other. You just need to think about your priorities and get yourself in order.

Be bold enough to follow the path of wisdom.

One group wins in life, and the other is doomed to defeat.

What group do you want to be in? Decide today

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