test of leadership, your leadership legacy assessment

leadership legacy assessment test - leadership style test

No matter how simple this test may seem, it can tell you fairly accurate information about a person. This test shows what role a person will take, that is, how they will behave in a team working on a project.

leadership style test - leadership style test

Therefore, it can be used when interviewing applicants for participation in the project. It will allow you to select the right people for optimal performance of your task


In front of you, you see 5 different shapes.

leadership style test - leadership style test

Choose one figure that most symbolizes you, as you think. Then place all the others by priority in a horizontal line. First the one that is you, and then the less important and interesting figures for you. They can be swapped as you wish.


You can draw or write down the location of shapes, or just remember their location in your placement.


Based on which figures go from left to right, this is how a person will behave in most cases when working together. Detailed description below. The less interesting a person is with a figure, the more likely it is that the person will not perform its specific tasks. Keep this in mind!

You can analyze people based on their choices, and arrange shapes for each person 


leadership style test - leadership style test

If the first place is a circle, then This person will try very hard to help everyone, but it will not always be very productive for the team. Unfortunately, he probably won't be able to take responsibility for the project either. The advantage of this person is his ability to communicate with everyone around him.


leadership style test - leadership style test

The person who has placed the triangle in one of the first places is the one who is ready to take control. He can become a real leader for this initiative. True, it is unlikely that he will do anything physically, but only with him can the great success of this project be possible


leadership style test - leadership style test

This person will be able to find and eliminate all problematic points in your project. But please note that the speed of its actions is slightly slower than that of the others. You can't rush it and assign it multiple tasks at the same time. Only these people finish what you started, so they are needed in your project. They are also very responsible and honest, so you can safely trust them to work with money.


leadership style test - leadership style test

This person will create the necessary working atmosphere. It will provide everyone with employment, and control the implementation of all stages. Also, he will become your Deputy, in the absence of your "Leader" for a short time.


leadership style test - leadership style test

This is someone who is ready to do any, even the most difficult work, while not asking unnecessary questions. They are willing to work hard, but it is important that this is not related to intellectual work. Also, in order to avoid rework, the task for them must be "chewed" very carefully, even if it seems clear already. It is also not desirable to set them a choice task, which they will probably not be able to do.

This test was developed by me, based on the test of Susan Dellinger and knowledge of vector psychology. you can learn more about This science on our channel or follow the link.

Thank you very much for reading our articles and improving your life together with us)

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